New Game Manufacturer Launches First Product: Knowalot

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New toy and game manufacturer Oak&Acorn have launched their first product, Knowalot. We're all surrounded by the same TV shows, the same movies, the same music and the same news. Even if we don't want to, we remember a lot more of it than we think. Can you name all of the Spice Girls? You never tried to learn their names, you never wanted to know them, but you probably know them all the same.

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Knowalot is a new trivia game with a difference, all of the questions are based on subjects we all know a little bit about. It is different in two important ways. The questions themselves are in a new, intriguing format and the gameplay is innovative and involving. Everyone can play every round and you can play whether you think you know a lot or a little.

The idea for Knowalot came from a desire to create a new kind of trivia game. There are lots of different trivia games. The trouble is, they are all a bit similar. They follow the well-known question and answer format. None of the innovation is in the game itself. Different questions, different names, same game. Knowalot is innovative. Knowalot is for anyone that enjoys trivia games but is looking for something different. It is a new type of trivia game.

How do you play Knowalot? There are five questions on a well-known subject on each question card. It could be anything from the Spice Girls to the Space Race. There is a short summary of a subject but with key words and phrases missing. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Players bid on how many they think they can answer. The more you bid, the more you can win. A question on your favourite film, bid five. If you get all five right, you win a brain, win five brains and you've won.

Anyone can play Knowalot. Even if you don't know the answer you can probably guess it. Either way, you'll probably know the answer when you hear it. You know more than you think.

New toy and game manufacturer Oak&Acorn have launched their first product, Knowalot.

Knowalot is for anyone aged 15 years and older. You can play with just two people or up to sixteen with four teams of four. Average games last about an hour.

Oak&Acorn are an innovative new company dedicated to producing fun toys, games and puzzles for all ages. Phil Forshaw is the founder and creative inspiration for Oak&Acorn. His first job was in the computer games industry and he's always been interested in the toy and game business. Oak&Acorn are currently working on new versions of Knowalot for other markets.


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