Leading eBay Money-Making Expert Exclaims 'Now Anyone Can Do This'

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Google's advertising program for publishers, AdSense, is apparently alive and well after all. Internet marketers have been almost hysterical recently wondering if the much-vaunted AdSense program was in trouble. Meanwhile, over at the world's largest marketplace, eBay, David Guindon is showing ordinary folks how to access and use his proprietary techniques for generating serious money on eBay.

It's amazing when you really listen to your own clients

While the rest of the web went ballistic this past week, over the supposed "death of AdSense", Dave Guindon was busy showing people - looking over his shoulder - how to make lots of money on eBay. Guindon's flash video training tutorial membership site is causing quite a stir. This past week, another Internet marketer conducted a survey with more than 33,000 online marketers. He found that 13.3 percent of those respondents wanted to access "A Subscription Site Including Audio and Video Training, Coaching, Group Calls, Group Support, Code Samples and Templates"...exactly what Dave had just offered to his own members, the week before.

Guindon has been selling products on and off eBay for years. Actually, he's made a pretty nice living at it, too. This part-time Masters of Engineering student has developed proprietary methods for short cutting the labyrinth of eBay pathways and techniques. These are the unknown secrets necessary to generate great revenues amongst the dozens of millions of people who inhabit eBay daily.

"If you want to make some real money on eBay, you have to learn some of the tricks of the eBay trade" he says. "I started out knowing almost nothing; but I persisted and figured out how the game is played and the secrets one needs to navigate around and through the barricades and obstacles."

"You really have two basic choices here", he states. "You can treat this as a hobby and dabble around in eBay and make enough for bus tickets..." "Or you can get very serious about this and make a superlative living....and more. If you want to earn some serious income, you need to learn the ropes".

"I set out to show folks just how to do this. I started designing software and web sites. I invented software secrets that discover and explain just what people are searching for on eBay. If you can find, then provide what they are looking for, you've got a match made in heaven!" Hot Item Finder

"After my success with Hot Item Finder, I designed a special software program called Auction Yen. This is designed to help you uncover hidden product and niche ideas from the eBay "I want it now" section....people come right out and tell you what they really want." AuctionYen

But when I wrote the manuals of instruction, I realized from the feedback I was getting from my customers, that they still could not always understand how to make these items do the job they were specifically designed to perform," he says.

"That's when it hit me: I needed to show them how to do it. I struck on the idea of explaining each of my various digital products for eBay by showing folks how to use it with Streaming Flash Videos. Now my customers could literally look over my shoulder while I actually did what the software tool was designed for." They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Dave's clients started asking for additional products and more clear explanations of "how to" perform other tasks on eBay in conjunction with their own online sales efforts. He knew he was really on to something.

Soon Dave realized that he could produce many different streaming flash tutorial videos, crammed full of not only the appropriate instructions, but also laden with every sneaky little secret he had learned over the last few years of doing business online. He even started sharing some of his coveted PhotoShop® design tips.

The conclusion was obvious: develop and launch a special membership "club/area" where his existing clients - and those who wanted to get very serious about making money with eBay - could take advantage of Dave's 'know how' by looking over his shoulder while he shows the member exactly how to do it.

Today, more people learn by watching than reading. They learn much quicker, with less hassle and repeated effort. With little or no experience, they quickly learn to sell on eBay. Guindon shows them how to discover, access and use hidden, existing tools - most of which are free online - to create eBay profits. He produces a new member video series every month. The operative word here is: series. 'Not just one video, but a complete series of videos, each concentrating on one -- mostly unknown - aspect of how to make money using eBay....the largest marketplace in the world.

"It's amazing when you really listen to your own clients", he says. "I asked my customers what they wanted to learn so they could sell more on eBay. They weren't shy. They told me in no uncertain terms what they wanted. That's what I did. I took their suggestions and created brand new products designed to answer their specific questions...to show them how to maximize their profits. They look over my shoulder and see how I do it. If they need to, they can re-play the video over and over until they get it correct and feel totally secure in what they're doing on eBay."

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