Leading CA Green Groups Embrace Planktos Ecorestoration to Erase Their Carbon Footprints

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California's Foremost Environmental Communities Take Ecorestoration High Road to 2007 Carbon Neutrality - The Thoreau Center for Sustainability and the Earth Island Institute will together zero out their collective carbon footprints with the greenest possible offsets from ecosystem restoration firm, Planktos, Inc.

The Thoreau Center and the Earth Island Institute are happy to announce that all of their 100+ NGO offices and projects will be carbon neutral throughout 2007 thanks to a generous donation of ecosystem restoration carbon offsets from Planktos, Inc. of Foster City, CA.

According to Planktos CEO and Chief Scientist Russ George, "We honor these transformative organizations for following in the footsteps of legendary environmentalist David Brower who committed himself in his final years to Ecosystem Restoration for Generations yet Unborn.

"David founded the Global CPR Service (C for conservation, P for preservation, and R for restoration) 'to help catalyze the restoration of natural and human systems,' but his passing and current US policies have slowed progress to his goal. At Planktos we are now working to fulfill David's last and greatest objective, conserving, preserving and, above all, restoring the ocean and forest ecosystems on which all life depends."

Although downplayed by industrial CO2 solution providers and their policy allies, natural ocean and forest restoration is the most effective, inexpensive and urgently needed response to global warming, marine crises, and habitat collapse. Just restoring the marine plankton that human activities have killed off since 1980 can reduce atmospheric CO2 by 3-4 billion tons, more than four times the Kyoto Protocol's current inadequate target. More importantly, it will also lower ocean acidity and recharge the marine food chain for fish, birds and whales.

Thanks to Kyoto Protocol carbon offset markets Planktos has secured green funding to accelerate this long overdue effort with a number of research-intensive pilot projects of significant climatic and ecological scale. Planktos is happy to share its current and future carbon credits with environmental allies in this cause.

These initial contributions will be acknowledged in a noon briefing at the Thoreau Center for Thoreau & Earth Island friends and associates on Thursday, October 12th. The event will feature a brief illustrated seminar on the science, economics and global urgency of ecosystem restoration for both climatic and ecological health.

California's 2007 Carbon Footprint Free Communities

Thoreau Center for Sustainability: Located in San Francisco's Presidio, the Thoreau Center houses a vibrant and influential community of 70 primarily non-profit organizations working for environmental health and social justice. Powerfully networked and synergistically supportive, this progressive village has been an internationally important source of vision and effective activism for a generation. See participating tenant list here:http://thoreau.org/Tenants/tenantlist.html

Earth Island Institute: Founded in 1982 by the renowned David Brower, EII now umbrellas 38 separate projects at the forefront of environmental research and defense. EII also sponsors the annual Brower Youth Awards "to call forth a new generation of environmental leaders" and is one of the key organizations constructing the David Brower Center in Berkeley, a multimillion dollar complex that promises to be the greenest building in the state both in its design and activities. See EII's trail-blazing track record here: http://earthisland.org/abouteii/abouteii.html

Ecorestoration Offset Donor

Planktos, Inc. is an ecosystem restoration firm specializing in permanent climate forest parks and blue ocean phytoplankton resuscitation. The company is now acquiring its own research flagship from which it will soon launch a new series of large science-intensive pilot projects to revive failing ocean plankton populations in the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Ocean basins. This in turn can buffer ocean acidity, replenish the marine food chain, and sequester million tons of CO2 for centuries or more. SRI and green cosponsors are welcome to collaborate in subsequent blooms. See http://planktos.com for details.

Planktos' Budapest subsidiary KlimaFa (Climate Tree) has just received Hungarian government approval to reforest tens of thousands of degraded acres back to biodiverse mixed species forests. From the moment of planting, these young climate forests will be included in existing national parks where they will be strictly protected in perpetuity. KlimaFa will run these eco-protective and village-sustaining projects in collaborative partnership with Hungary's government, National Park Service, and Academy of Sciences. They will be entirely funded out of the restored forests' accumulating carbon credit value. See http://Klimafa.com for more.

Planktos is a division of Solar Energy Limited that trades under the ticker symbol SLRE.OB.


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