Hillary Clinton For President? Author of Hillary Clinton Book, “Hillary Clinton Nude,” Presents the Case Against A Second Clinton Presidency

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A new book on Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions, written by Sheldon Filger, presents a dark picture of a future presidential administration headed by the former First Lady. "Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton And America's Demise" has just been published, at a time when speculation on the 2008 presidential nominees is beginning in earnest.

Amid speculation of a pending announcement by Senator Hillary Clinton of her intentions to seek the Democratic Party's nomination for president in 2008, a new book, "Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton And America's Demise" is certain to add to the debate on her candidacy for the White House. Sheldon Filger, the book's American-Canadian author, who has previously written on subjects as diverse as nuclear terrorism and female sensuality, has added a literary stick of dynamite into the heated debate within the American body politic about Hillary Clinton becoming America's 44th president. (http://www.hillary-clinton-nude.com)

"A Clintonian nightmare beckons the people of the United States," Mr. Filger writes in this passionate portrayal of what he sees as the consequences of Hillary Clinton assuming the presidency. In "Hillary Clinton Nude," the former First Lady is presented as an ego-driven politician, lacking the intellectual skills and leadership qualities to serve as America's commander-in-chief at a time of geopolitical strife and peril, combined with an uncertain economic future for the nation. In Filger's view, Hillary Clinton, as was the case with George W. Bush, is only a viable presidential candidate due to a direct relationship with a recent president. In blistering prose, "Hillary Clinton Nude" describes a celebrity culture that has infected American politics, weeding out the most qualified candidates for the presidency, with only celebrity candidates with high name recognition, such as Hillary Clinton, left for the American voter to ponder over.

The complex world situation that confronts America receives much attention in "Hillary Clinton Nude." Sheldon Filger raises strong objections to Hillary Clinton's ability to render effective leadership in responding to the nuclear crises in North Korea and Iran, as well as the war in Iraq. Much of Filger's case in based upon what occurred during the presidential administration of Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton. Throughout the book, Mr. Filger reminds his readers that Bill Clinton referred to Hillary Clinton as his "co-president." The book warns that the examples set during Bill Clinton's presidency, and his continuing influence in a White House run by a President Hillary Clinton, would largely determine how the former First Lady would act as commander-in-chief. In Filger's view, this would predispose a Hillary Clinton presidency towards miscalculation during times of crisis, with calamitous results for the United States. (http://www.hillary-clinton-nude.com)

North Korea, which recently conducted its first test of a nuclear bomb, receives considerable attention in "Hillary Clinton Nude." While highly critical of how the Bush administration has handled North Korea, Mr. Filger also has harsh views of President Bill Clinton's policy towards Pyongyang. He points out that as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is likely to criticize the Bush administration's multilateral approach towards North Korea, while claiming that her husband's bilateral approach resulted in an Agreed Framework agreement with the North Korean dictatorship. Sheldon Filger's book claims that Bill Clinton's treaty with North Korea undermined rather than enhanced America's security.

Referring to the discovery that North Korea cheated on its agreement with the Clinton administration, Filger writes that, "The agreement's most egregious flaw was to take North Korea at its word that it was abstaining from conducting further nuclear weapons development." Hillary Clinton, by holding up a treaty negotiated by Bill Clinton, though it was violated by the North Koreans, as a model for an administration she would head, demonstrates her dysfunctional approach as a potential commander-in-chief, according to Mr. Filger.

Hillary Clinton is a severely flawed presidential candidate, as portrayed in this bombshell of a political book. Unrestrained yet non-partisan in its critique of Hillary Clinton and her qualifications to serve as president of the United States, "Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton And America's Demise" provides the American voter with much to reflect on in our increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world.



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