Cheaters Beware: Self-Help Book “Confessions of a Love Dick - How Private Eyes Catch Those Who Cheat & Lie” Hits Online Stores

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The book “Confessions of a Love Dick - How Private Eyes Catch Those Who Cheat & Lie” was written by a former lady private eye who spent five years as an infidelity investigator. Be informed! This real-life “Dick-tective of Love” helps people determine if infidelity is occurring in their relationship by offering a unique look at how she secured evidence of affairs in progress. Spend $17.95 now to read the list of warning signs of unfaithfulness- before shelling out a thousand dollars or more for the services of a private investigator, marital therapist, or divorce attorney. Available online at and

Confessions of a Love Dick

The popular songs “Too Little Too Late” and “Leave Get Out” by Jojo, describe how a woman feels when she is being cheated on by her mate. All of a sudden, the mention or discussion of infidelity or adultery is both topical and entertaining. Shows such as “Cheaters” have addressed the enormous emotional fall-out and consequences that result when someone does someone wrong.

At last, a former Lady Private Eye has decided to pierce the veil of how Private Eyes Catch Those Who Cheat & Lie in her book “Confessions of A Love Dick” to educate and inform those whom have a gut feeling that something is wrong in their romantic relationship but do not know where to turn for help or answers. After reading this highly revealing, albeit controversial, self-help book, the reader will be armed with incredible knowledge should they decide to conduct “romantic espionage” on the home-front.

Reading “Confessions of a Love Dick” is the first step suspicious mates need to take which may very well help to uncover concrete proof of cheating and give them reason to hire a private investigator, marital therapist, or divorce attorney. also can acquire information like criminal and court records, marital status, sex-offender registration and warrants for arrest in their “Investimate Background Check” through a discreet and private process. Many prenuptial investigations have revealed adultery as having been the grounds for divorce in the subject’s past. Morgan also has seen a direct correlation between domestic violence and adultery and other deceitful behavior and believes it is a wise and smart investment to check out someone’s past. According to the author, “Previous documentation of violence or criminal behavior may indicate the subject has the propensity for similar violence in the future. So people need to know what to look for when they suspect something isn’t quite right, and are thrilled to learn ways to determine the truth.”

The book (and services offered at is designed to help both women and men secure evidence in circumstances fraught with emotion, anxiety, and bitterness. According to Morgan, her profession is one dedicated to assisting the public in making “better life decisions regarding their personal relationships.” Protect yourself with fact instead of false hope. Be prepared. Visit Confessions of A Love Dick for more information.

If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule services, please call Morgan at 1-800/390-5911.


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