Movie About Biblical Queen Esther Has its Release Date for Such a Time As This

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The new film, "One Night With the King" may be the recipient of perfect timing for its release date.

Those who have had any experience in making a film know that finding a good release date for a movie can be one of the trickiest aspects of movie making. Success in film depends on several key elements, among which are a good story, a good, well-know cast, quality filming (cinematography, sound, sets, lighting, direction etc...), advertising, and, it always helps if you have the magic of good timing. The latter can be one of the toughest aspects of film making to achieve.

How does a producer know if the project that was begun one or two years ago will be truly successful upon its release date? Sometimes people are just ripe for the film. Fortunately, the new film, One Night With the King, which has its release date on October 13, 2006, seems to be a recipient of perfect timing. About two weeks ago, the President of Iran boldly proclaimed to the United Nations and the world, how that the Holocaust never happened and that the Jews should be driven into the sea. The story of Esther, found in the Old Testament book by the same name, deals with a time in history 2500 years ago when the seal of the king of Persia (what is present day Iran) was going to be used to annihilate the Jewish people. A Hitler-like character named Haman had gotten the King's permission to do away with the Jewish people. The only person who could possibly stop the plot was the King's new queen, Esther, who unbeknownst to the king, was herself Jewish.

The new film by Gener8xion Entertainment that is being released in conjunction with Fox Faith called One Night With the King accurately tells the rags to riches story of this young Jewish girl named Esther who was an orphan who became a queen only to risk her life to save her people. The movie shows how God can use one person to change the world. Esther was able to single handedly stop what could have been the first Holocaust, and, what's worse the complete destruction of the Jewish race because Persia owned the known world at that time.

Jewish film critic, Michael Medved has called it a "love letter" to the Jewish people from the Christians of America. For Jews, this film will bring alive what is celebrated in Purim every year. For Christians, this film will be a reminder of how God is always present in the affairs of man, and will use whoever is willing to make a difference. For everyone else, it is a reminder that we are all born for a purpose, and while not all of us can change the world, perhaps we can at least change it for one person.


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