Viatek Introduces New Ionic Energizer Foot Spa from European Developed Technology That Creates Both Positive and Negative Ions to Re-energize the Body

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Viatek, an industry leader in the development of consumer products, is please to release the launch of the Ionic Energizer Foot Spa, the world's first dual array ionic system to re-balance & re-energise your bio-energy. The dual array system creates both positive and negative ions to re-balance your body.

Viatek (, an industry leader in the development of consumer products, is pleased to release the launch of the Ionic Energizer Foot Spa developed in conjunction with European engineers.

Viatek's revolutionary dual array foot spa treatment uses the WORLD's FIRST dual arrays to re-balance & re-energise your bio-energy. The dual array system creates both positive and negative ions to re-balance your body. During our normal day to day activities, our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins which are everywhere in our environment. From tobacco smoke, alcohol, food additives and pesticides, to heavy metals and industrial pollutants, our bodies absorb these toxins which prevent us from functioning at our best. Other environmental factors that affect well being:

  • Poor diets – food additives, processed foods etc.
  • A lack of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Little or no regular exercise
  • Drugs and anaesthetics
  • Illness and disease
  • Stress

"We have worked years to develop this product in conjunction with European engineers who have been studying this technology for 20+ years. This Technology has only been available in spas and chiropractors in Europe and USA with machine costing over $2000. We have been able to manufacture a commercial grade product at a fraction of the cost of the other units which makes it affordable for home use. In additional we have introduced the worlds first dual array system with a bubbling system for enjoyment," says Viatek's Lou Lentine.

Now there is a way to boost the natural processes that re-balance our body's bio-energy - The VIATEK IONIC ENERGIZER FOOT SPA. It kick-starts the expulsion of these harmful toxins and rebalances the body's natural equilibrium between positive and negative ions. This re-balancing re-hydrates the body's cells, optimizing their functional efficiency so that they cannot only dispose of these unwanted toxins efficiently, but the can also extract necessary nutrients and become re-vitalized once again.

This results in a renewed vitality and increased energy levels both physical and mental together with an overall feeling of well-being.

  • 1 x Ionic Energizer Foot Bowl
  • 2 x Array coils
  • 1 x Massage Bubble Foot Plate
  • 1 x Salt
  • 1 x Blue storage bag
  • 1 x Control unit
  • 1x Power adapter

Other great products by Viatek:

Viatek has recently introduced THE SHAPE CHANGER INCH REDUCTION SYSTEM.

The Detox Wrap from Shape Changers is an all-natural, guaranteed way to achieve inch reduction, and leave you feeling totally rejuvenated with a smooth and silkier skin texture. Your body is wrapped with specially formulated sea clay that acts like a giant poultice drawing impurities out from the body. As the impurities are drawn out the soft tissue is compressed and compacted as the skin regains elasticity creating a smoother and firmer muscle base over which the soft tissue lies. It is important to note that this wrap process will not dehydrate the body- therefore weight loss through water loss is extremely minimal - this means you will not regain inches lost by drinking a glass of water. Users experience inch loss up to 6-8 weeks after treatment.


Viatek Consumer Products Group specializes in being industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of innovative products. Our cross-functional team possesses unparalleled talent from product design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing. We strive to bring the total innovation solution catalogers and retailers require. Products are developed with TV personality Lou Lentine.

Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc and affiliate companies have been developing products since 1992. The group maintains offices in the USA, Hong Kong / Shenzhen China, Mexico and the UK. Our complete catalog list can be found at All Viatek products are available online at , and at select retailers worldwide.

For questions, photos or a samples, please contact John Santo by email. Viatek can be reached at 407-248-0123 X204.


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