New Book, 'Marriage and Sex': The Social Acceptance of Aberrant Sexual Activities in America is Enslaving Millions to Spiritual Bondage

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Spiritual restoration and deliverance are aspects of marriage. Divorce destroys trust and fuels the fires of doubt, insecurity and fear. The perpetrator experiences guilt leaving the victim feeling like a failure, forsaken for another sexual partner and frequently results in lasting memories and deep insecurities.

Dr. Pat Holliday's new book, "Marriage and Sex" explains discloses encounters with satanic supernatural forces that are entangling marriages. The effects of these powerful demons are explosive, ravaging, and destroying millions marriages. Spirits of divorce, separation, physical, verbal, sexual, and psychological abuse (involving actions such as rejection, constant verbal criticism, demeaning comments, or even ignoring one's mate completely) are breaking up marriages.

Dr. Holliday's research uncovers the truth concerning ruling spirits over marriages. These Marriage Breaking Spirits are called Asmodeus, Osmodeus, Abaddon, Apollyon and Beelzebub. These ruler spirits cause rejection, divorce and overpowering tendencies to rage, lust, impetuousness, impurity and psychic activities Due to wide-spread pornographic material, many force their spouses into sexual perversions, leading the mate into deviate sex. However, in our day due to powerful sexual brainwashing by schools, televisions, radio and media, women and men have, in many instances, become willing slaves to sexual demons.

Sadly, sexual evil is prevalent even among Christians and perhaps no other area in the life of a believer where he or she is more vulnerable to spiritual attacks than the area of his or her sexuality. Sexual feelings are God-given for the purpose of express covenant relationship between a husband and wife and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Demons work to break marriages and are warring against all marriages and keeping many from getting married. These spirits will use both the husband and the wife through the spirit of lust and lust seeks its own gratification. The spouse will feel used, degraded or repulsed at having sexual contact with the self-willed partner. Lust is not love. It causes the victim to feel like an object. The abused mate knows when she/he is not being loved.

Dr. Holliday explains that she believes that marriages can be revived when people return to God's principles in the Bible. Sex is actually a sacred gift from God and should be treated as precious with respect. She says that, "It is tragic that infidelity and a lifestyle of casual sex are being glorified on television and other media. This hedonistic philosophy tells men and women that they do not have to be committed to a marriage partner or to their children, but that they should be free to express their sexual urges whenever there is an opportunity."

Dr. Holliday believes that marriage is spiritual as well as physical and freedom can come through deliverance from diabolical forces. Spirits have characteristics such as -- overpowering tendencies to rage, lust, impetuousness, impurity, psychic activities and are keeping many from getting married. The rise and social acceptance of sexual activities in America has caused progressive participation capturing millions as spiritual slaves.

This book explains spiritual restoration and deliverance aspects' marriage. It is ironic that some do not have time for building their marriage relationships but seem to have plenty of time for sex outside marriage ... that is what we must conclude from the reports of marital infidelity in our country. Couples make a vow of fidelity at the altar, and many would agree with the Bible's clear statements that adultery is sin. What guilt before the Lord will we face if we can lightly break our marriage vows?

As you read Dr. Holliday's book, "Marriage and Sex" you will discover the surprising -- dramatic healing and deliverance and restoration of marriages. Read excerpts at the agape publishers website right now and purchase it online. Remember this is not fiction but a true counseling and solutions to help you to protect your marriage. Divorce it is on the rise and it is widespread and happening now!"

Dr. Pat Holliday was called into the Christian ministry in 1975. She received her Ph.D. at Southeastern Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Fl. She is the president and founder of Miracle Outreach Ministry and has evangelized world wide. She appears in many Who's Who which includes Marquis' Who's Who in the World. She has been in the ministry for thirty years.

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