Facts and Solutions: Daniel Imperato, Independent Candidate for President of the United States in 2008

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International businessman, a non-politician, Daniel Imperato, is interested only in fact and solution. 'We are delivering a convoluted message to the rest of the world. We can change the world only through education and diplomacy. How can the U.S. attempt to force democracy on the rest of the world when we can't solve the many problems we have in this country: social security, jobs, health care, immigration, taxes, and foreign debt, among the many. The U.S. needs to solve these problems here so that the rest of the world will want to emulate us, that is the only way to spread democracy around the world.'

Daniel Imperato is not a politician but rather someone who stands for two things: the facts and the solutions. Daniel Imperato is running for President of the United States as an independent in 2008. He is a man with a mission. His mission is to bring back his country -- the United States of America -- to the straight and narrow, to the standards and laws and policies of the forefathers of America

Imperato believes America is in great danger. Americans believe in freedom and democracy, yet we are delivering a convoluted message to the rest of the world. Only education and diplomacy can change the world. A self made global business man, Imperato’s extensive traveling for 3 decades along with both his international business and government connections gives him a unique understanding of the world’s people and their governments.

Daniel Imperato’s campaign is focused on the majority of non-voters. He feels people need another choice. The country needs a regime change from Democrats and Republicans, they are tired of the same old choice of meat or potatoes being fed to them year after year, tired of promises that are never delivered. Imperato is not interested in what was or what could have been, but will give simple, easy solutions. His campaign is based on fact and solution only. His interest is in what can be done to make things better now. His is the “keep it simple, stupid”, strategy. He has no time for dancing, nor time for telling people what they want to hear and then not deliver.

Imperato was against our invasion in Iraq, but also doesn’t feel at this point we should cut and run either. We should call for a cease fire there. We demanded a cease fire in Lebanon, but not in Iraq where both our troops and Iraqis are being killed daily. The United States should stand down and show that we can be a light to the world. We should be implementing infrastructures around the world, not tearing them down.

Iraq has billions in oil revenues, the US should be demanding payment for the billions we have been spending on trying to free their country.

Imperato calls for the International Community to form a special forces, where all countries contribute a coalition of special forces troops to a task force to eliminate terrorism around the world.

Our leadership is often acting more like a dictatorship than a democracy, Imperato says.

Imperato wants to know how our country can attempt to force other countries to become democracies while our country has such a host of problems, including social security, jobs, health care, immigration, taxes, and foreign debt, among the many. When is the United States going to solve these problems? When is the United States going to show the strength that the rest of the world would like to emulate?

Daniel Imperato believes he has common sense answers to many of these problems and when elected President of the United States in 2008 he will be able to return this country to the standards and policies of our forefathers and be the example that we should be to the world. This is the best way to have democracy be spread around the globe.

Listen to the full text of Daniel Imperato on http://www.goodpoliticsradio.com.

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