Herbie Hide Continues Cruiserweight Campaign

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Former Two Time Heavyweight World Champion Herbie Hide continues his comeback as a Cruiserweight. Hide's comeback is on a fast track as he is scheduled to fight again, a little more than a month from his September 23, 2006 demolition of Mitch Hicks. This time, Hide will be fighting trailhorse Jesse Corona (6-16) on November 4, 2006 at the Mid West Event Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

and around 205-210 pounds Hide has always been considered rather small for a heavyweight, often having to

Former Two Time Heavyweight World Champion Herbie Hide announces today that his comeback as a Cruiserweight is on a fast track as he is scheduled to fight again, less than a month and half from his last fight and one round destruction of Mitch Hicks. This time it will be against Jesse Corona (6-16) on November 4, 2006 at the Mid West Event in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The November 4, 2006 fight will be Hide’s second comeback fight. Hide had his first comeback and Cruiserweight fight on September 23, 2006 at the Fort Smith Convention Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas, destroying an obviously outmatched and outclassed Mitch “Hold My Beer” Hicks (3-5) in one round (1:24 minutes). Hide looked very sharp and exhibited his legendary power in that first comeback fight. Hide was spectacular and in complete control of that fight. He dropped Hicks four times, almost at will, before the referee mercifully stopped the fight.

Says Hide, “To be honest, I was quite disappointed by the level of competition I faced in my first fight back but I guess my promoter did not want to take any chances. Corona should be much more challenging as he has gone the distance with Galen Brown (20-3), Derek Berry (8-4)and Darrin Humphrey (17-3) in his last fights. However, I do not anticipate Corona going the distance with me. If everything goes well with the Corona fight, my promoter promises to step up the competition. We tentatively have former Cruiserweight Champion Imamu Mayfield (25-7), a world class fighter and a real test, as my third opponent. I am really pumped. To the skeptics, I say, ‘Just stay tuned.’”

Herbie Hide is promoted by Lion Heart Boxing Productions. Says Edward B. Mendy, Lion Heart Boxing Productions owner and CFO, "Herbie is impatient and wants to fight the top guys right away. Our intent, however, is to give him three quick and progressively difficult fights to test his resolve and current skill level. Should Herbie get through his first three opponents, especially Mayfield, we definitely will know whether he is ready for a Cruiserweight title shot. Given Hide’s punching power, we are confident that he will ransack and pillage the cruiserweight ranks. If few heavyweights could take Hide's punch, I just don’t see how a cruiserweight will be able to withstand Herbie if he is on top of his game.”

About Herbie Hide

Herbie Hide, known as The Dancing Destroyer, is a British boxer fighting out of Norwich, England. He has fought nearly all the fights of his career at heavyweight but has recently decided to take a step down in weight class to Cruiserweight.

To date, Hide has had a very successful career rising to domestic success in Britain at a very young age for a heavyweight, winning the Great-Britain Heavyweight title in 1993 and serving from 1994-1995 and from 1997-1999 as W.B.O. Heavyweight Champion.

Hide's career began in 1989 with a 2nd round win and he racked up a total of 26 successive wins, all but 1 inside the distance, before coming up against Riddick Bowe in 1995. The fight was an unfavorable matchup due Bowe's heavier physique and punching power. Yet Hide impressed with his courage, but was too small for the bigger Bowe. He repeatedly picking himself off the canvas before the bout was finally stopped in the 6th round.

At 6'2" and around 205-210 pounds Hide has always been considered rather small for a heavyweight, often having to "bulk up" for fights and yet still often giving away 40 pounds or more to opponents. Despite this his speed and punching power have twice taken him to world titles. To date 35 of his 36 wins have come by way of stoppage, including 11 first round knock outs. More a natural cruiserweight than heavyweight his recent decision to step down in weight was eagerly anticipated by many boxing fans. Hide's first Cruiserweight fight was on September 23, 2006 after a two year hiatus from boxing.

Says Edward B. Mendy, Lion Heart Boxing Productions spokesperson, “Campaigning at Cruiserweight, Hide should turn the division upside down because of his incredible punching power. If he can regain his form of yesteryear, he should knock any cruiserweight. He was knocking out guys twice his size. Now he gets to fight guys his size or much smaller than him.”

Herbie Hide, who plans to campaign as a Cruiserweight, is coming off a two year layoff and has been living and training out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Often a victim of his own talents many opponents have tended to shy away from fighting him and chose to fight less dangerous opponents instead. Lion Heart Boxing Productions expects to have Hide fight in October or November 2006.

About Lion Heart Boxing Productions, Ltd

Lion Heart Boxing Productions is an integrated Boxing Promoter and Sports Entertainment Company started in 2001.

Lion Heart Boxing Productions was set up for the sole purpose of providing top quality boxing events with the highest entertainment value. The company is unique not only because of its superior boxing productions, but also because of its corporate structure.

Lion Heart Boxing Productions' trademark is the quality of its fights. Show after show, Lion Heart Boxing Productions has exhibited rarely paralleled acumen for putting on entertaining fights. Further, Lion Heart Boxing Productions is one of the few companies in the boxing business that is committed to using professional and ethical standards in all aspect of its operations. Thirdly, the company is committed to ensuring that all fights are properly matched with all bouts being competitive.

The Lion Heart Boxing Productions group quickly developed and maintains a reputation for being a producer of high quality fights and is well respected in the Boxing world for its fair treatment of fighters, its advocacy of uniform boxing rules and better working conditions for active fighters, and its commitment to the provision of life skills, job transition training, and a safety net for retired fighters.


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