Simple Solution to Consumer Debt

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Everywhere we are hearing the same warnings: Consumer debt soars; bankruptcies skyrocket; companies layoff thousands; and the like. Let’s face it, the American wage earner is fast losing ground in the economic pursuit of “life, liberty and happiness.” Instead of securing a promising financial future where “golden years” are really golden, too many are forced to continue working past retirement in a Corporate America that is ironically forced to reduce its workforce through downsizing. The result is a seeming insurmountable weight of debt for the consumer. offers a simple solution termed; “Debt Stacking,” to the consumer debt problem

Gene Jolley, President of, knows the struggles families caught in debt must face. Jolley points to statistics where a typical credit card charging 14.9% interest is really reaping a whopping 98% of interest to the card issuer. That is because the credit industry knows most consumers have been coaxed into a situation where they can barely afford to pay even the minimum payment on their credit cards. Think of it this way; the consumer who pays the minimum on a card holding a balance of $8,000, pays not just the principle back of $8,000 but also $7,870.20 in interest and that, over a period of 39 years. Now multiply that by millions of consumers and you can easily see why the credit industry wants to keep Americans in debt.

Debt Stacking allows the consumer to regain control of their financial future through a process of rapid debt reduction. In fact the “Rapid Debt Reducer™” software that Gene Jolley created is a program that defines a detailed strategy where consumers can begin right where they are and not only eliminate debt in 5 to 7 years, including mortgage, but also begin a plan to bring back the prosperity to the golden years.

Debt Stacking works as a ‘smart money manager system’ enabling the consumer to identify areas where unnecessary spending can be turned into a debt-crushing machine. The software takes this money and tells the consumer how to use it to escalate the rapid debt reduction process. Once the strategically paid debts are eliminated the software points out just how to apply this freed money to eliminate more debt. The process is repeated allowing the consumer the ability to monitor the debt reduction program until the last debt is gone.

Gene Jolley is excited to see consumers he has helped go from the feeling of “drowning in a sea of debt” to the prospect of achieving financial independence. Future prosperity is no longer unattainable to those who will follow these proven steps. With the elimination of debts poised alongside the brutal truth of the credit industry consumers are finding an amazing release of debt pressures that had once dampened nearly every area of their lives. Debt Stacking works.


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