Dairy May Help Destroy Cancer Cells

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Dairy food may help destroy cancer cells and also prevent their formation for life, says Ori Hofmekler, author of the Warrior Diet™ and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet - but dieters need to make the right choices – otherwise they may end up sick and bloated.

Is it possible that some dairy foods, currently touted as harmful, actually help destroy cancer cells? Could it be that the most “sinful dairy products for dieters” are actually the healthiest? Research indicates it is so, says Ori Hofmekler of Warrior Diet™, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet (http://www.Anti-EstrogenicDiet.com) and Defense Nutrition™ (http://www.DefenseNutrition.com). And in today’s cancer ridden age, people need all the protection they can get.

Dairy has been a major component of human diets for thousands of years. There is emerging evidence that it is highly beneficial in more ways than one. Besides its superior nutritional composition of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, dairy is also a viable source of anti-estrogenic nutrients.

Recent findings reveal that certain fatty compounds in dairy called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) are both anti-estrogenic and anti-cancerous. CLA is found in milk fat, with the highest concentration in whole milk products such as aged cheese and butter, in particular those derived from grass fed cows. CLA is also found in human mothers’ milk. Statistically, high levels of CLA in breast milk are correlated with decreased incidence of cancer in both mothers and their children. Besides dairy, CLA occurs naturally (in smaller amounts) in grass fed animals’ fat.

A certain isomer in CLA (cis 9, trans 11) called rumenic acid, has shown a long lasting impact on lowering the risk of mammary cancer in animals (Ip et al., 1999). Some scientists speculate that breast cancer may already be prevented in early life with a high intake of CLA.

Lab studies indicated that CLA has a profound fat loss effect in animals. However, there is no evidence yet that CLA can induce similar effects in humans. There are also some reports that indicated adverse effects of CLA on insulin sensitivity. However, these reports are based on isolated isomers of CLA. More studies are needed to investigate how CLA affects weight loss and insulin sensitivity in humans. Nonetheless, as noted there is profound evidence to its anti-estrogenic and tumor suppressing effects.

Researchers at Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, New York indicated that the complex of CLA isomers, as it naturally occurs in dairy, works similar to omega 3 oil, suppressing omega 6 metabolism and their related estrogenic and growth promoting effect on breast cancer cells.

Note, not all dairy products are the same. While organic dairy may induce anti-estrogenic and anti-cancerous effects, conventional dairy, often loaded with estrogenic chemicals and hormones, may affect the body in the opposite way.

In conclusion, organic dairy products, particularly those made from grass fed cows, provide the body with nutrients that have shown profound anti-estrogenic and anti-cancerous properties. Dairy is one of the most restricted foods among dieters, partly because of the common belief that dairy products are fattening, and partly because many people are sensitive to dairy. Regardless, the anti-estrogenic and anti-cancerous properties of dairy are outstandingly beneficial, in particular today when the ever-growing assault of estrogenic chemicals is causing an epidemic of estrogen related disorders and cancer in men, women and children.

This article is an excerpt from the new book, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet – now available at http://www.DefenseNutrition.com or by calling 818-992-1994. Ori Hofmekler is also the author of The Warrior Diet and Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat, - Dragon Door Publications, available at http://www.WarriorDiet.com.


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