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This is the introduction to a life style and culture only suited to a dareing few. The life style of a Rope Access Technician is something that is earned but well worth while obtaining.

A Great Profession In An Awesome City.

Sydney has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. People come from all over the world to enjoy this fantastic city but no-one gets to see it better than a Rope Access Technician.

It is 6:45am and we are up early ready to crack the job so that we can get home early. The warm orange glow of the sunrise cuts through the Sydney heads and the tops of the buildings light up. From the rooftop of the Art Gallery we look up at the city scape which spans across to the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and all across the harbour out to the heads.

We set up ready to core hole some large spitter pipes into the sandstone walls for the plumbers to fit their drainage into. It is quite a simple set up with a large mote below that we have barricaded and signed off at either end to prevent any entry below the working area. The plumber arrives with his 100mm core drill and we rigg up to get this baby into position. This bit of gear looks something more like a gun out of a Rambo movie. Heaps of fun getting it all fastened in with slings and balanced in position ready to cut into the sandstone wall.

We completed two of the ten sections to cut in and it’s time for lunch. Great day and time to take a lunch time stroll in the Domain Park to check out some of the Sydney action. Sydney has had a heap of rain this year and everything is very green. Heaps of lovely “wild life” taking a lunch time walk as well. 12:30 so we’d better get back onto the wall and make our target for the day.

This is the general style of a normal days work for a Rope Access Technician in Sydney. We only have a small group of companies that serve the clients of Sydney and it really is a niche market. The different rope access companies in Sydney all have there own specialties and we all seem to keep pretty busy without clashing with each other. It is also a great benefit to know what the other guys can do as we often need each other’s help from time to time.

Leigh Greenwood from 5th Point seems to be on top of the game having trained most of the technicians in the Sydney area and knows who is good at what in the rope access community. Good tradesmen come into the game and get trained with there IRATA Level I through Leigh and he is quick to notify the companies that may need this type of skill within their team. It is such a pleasure to receive a good Level I that has his trade skills and is competent on the ropes.

Kid me not, even though it only takes 1 week for a Level I to be moving comfortably on the ropes it really does take a special type to move into this industry. Sydney is hungry for good tradesmen that are able to provide a quality trade finish in those locations that only a Rope Access Technician can get into. The other alternatives are costly scaffolding or work positioning machinery. Though in some cases practical, at most times a couple of rope access technicians can be on site, confidently gain access and be out of there by the afternoon without any additional costs.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a small number of companies that do really well in Sydney and have a good name in the industry. I have always looked up to the example set by Karabina Access and Kerrect Access who were the first larger guys in the game. We also have The Window Cleaning Company which have mostly dominated the window cleaning market in Sydney but still with other companies doing extremely well in this “niche” area. Sydney is a beautiful city and there is stacks of glass to be cleaned. Do a great job and the client will get you back for more.

We have often become too busy with our remedial works to be able to keep up with the window cleaning demands of our clients so have had to call in Tristen and Kev from Ax’s Services to help cover for us. These guys are awesome and always represent you with a great impression to our client.

I am going to bring some great articles to you over the next few months with great interviews with other rope access company owners, engineers, other companies in the trade and some very interesting clients. I hope you have enjoyed my introduction to Rigg Access and if you are planning to come to Sydney one day, don’t hesitate to look me up.

To finish up, Sydney Australia is a great place to live if you are a rope access technician. There is plenty of work about and it is always expanding. With such a large amount of new buildings emerging in the area there really isn’t much need for us to treat each other as competition. We all have our different skills and talents and by letting others know about them, we can use each other’s specialties to get us out of trouble when we least expect it.

Talk again soon. Mike King.

IRATA Level III Sydney Australia.


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