TaskKlock’s New Jump Start Program Proves That Time Really is Money

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Created on the floor of Alaskan Wood Moulding in Anchorage, Alaska, TaskKlock touchscreen time-tracking software is as easy to use as an ATM. And it just got easier with its new Jump Start program.

Created on the floor of Alaskan Wood Moulding in Anchorage, Alaska, TaskKlock touchscreen time-tracking software is as easy to use as an ATM. And it just got easier with its new Jump Start program. The 5-year old job costing software company added the Jump Start program because customers wanted a seamless transition from paper timecards where employees guessed their job time. Now, customers who purchase TaskKlock fill out a survey about jobs, tasks, employee names and other information such as workers’ comp rates. Using that data, TaskKlock staff installs software that is tailored to fit the needs of the particular business.

TaskKlock was born in 2000 when Alaskan Wood Moulding Owner Mark Stearns wanted a way to make his bids more accurate, but was tired of hassling employees to accurately fill out timesheets. So he and Developer Walter Erskine created a touchscreen database timesheet and materials log that could be taught to his employees in minutes.

Immediately, Stearns noticed that employees weren’t standing around for 10 minutes at the end of each day guessing on their timesheets. When he saw his profits increase after using TaskKlock for more accurate job-costing, he knew he was on to something. He added an Estimate vs. Actual component, and his employees got motivated to finish jobs under budget without his constant oversight. More profits. More bonuses based on performance. When the payroll clerk commented on how fast it was to do payroll, he knew he was onto a winner and formed a company.

“I’m a believer in technology,” said Greg Diaz of Millworx, a custom cabinet shop in Pacoima, Calif. “I hope I’m the only guy out there who finds out about TaskKlock because it gives me such a great advantage. I looked everywhere — online, trade shows, and there’s nothing else like it. Other systems were a little pricey and designed for a much larger space or for an office environment.

“I knew that workers won’t use a system unless it’s simple to operate. TaskKlock’s touchscreen is really important to me. I didn’t want workers having to use a mouse or keyboard. TaskKlock does what it says it will do and that’s the most important thing. It has ease of use; the workers are able to grasp the concept. And since we had just spent a ton of money on machinery, the payment plan helped us a lot.”

TaskKlock can be used by any small- or medium-sized business that relies on hourly or salaried employees to initiate billable work time. It can also be programmed to export data to accounting, estimating and inventory programs; can be used in any language; provides reliable job-costing; and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

“I believe it helps (employees) quite a bit because once they punch in they have to know what job they’re working on,” said Tom Corkery, owner of European Techniques, a cabinetmaking shop in Prescott, Ariz. “Before, they would punch in and then kind of walk around and look for something to do. Now they have to know what they’re going to do before they punch in. It’s helped increase the amount of awareness on the job.”

“We’re 8 months old and profitable, were in the black operationally, and we’ve used TaskKlock almost from the start,” Diaz said. “Customers come in and see this and are impressed. For example, we’re applying for a line of credit so some bankers are coming in and the TaskKlock workstation is one of their favorite stops. What they love to see is that touchscreen. They love the idea that the time data collection is all integrated in the work process. It makes dollars and sense to them. Here’s the labor costs, here’s how we track it — it’s accurate. It shows them we’ve got our game together in regards to money.

“It doesn’t matter what size a business is, if monitoring labor is cumbersome we must ask ourselves what we’re not doing instead to be making money with that time. For a smaller shop, because we juggle so many duties, it’s even more important to be using our time more effectively and incorporating as much automation as we can.”

For an online demo of TaskKlock as well as contact and pricing information, visit http://www.taskklock.com.


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