Desperate Plea to Save Impoverished 6 Year Old Albanian Boy from Dying of Cystic Fibrosis

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Alexander Tonin Marku returned to Albania from the United States because there was no more financial support his medical treatment. Sadly, upon returning to Albania, the Albanian Government refused to continue to provide oxygen tanks to Alex since there is no cure for his disease. Alex has lost two siblings to Cystic Fibrosis. Should he die, his parents will have lost all three children.

Alexander Tonin Marku is struggling to breathe while having an oxygen tank attached to him. He and his two parents had to return to the poorest country in Europe, Albania, because there were no more funds to support medical treatment for Alex. Alex had two siblings and they are both dead because of severe Bronchopneumonia at the ages of 15 years old and 16 months. If Alex does not get the proper medical attention, he will die in less than five years and his parents will have lost all of their children.

A group of concerned Americans who were touched by Alexander are working to raise funds to get him help.

He and his two parents sought medical treatment at the Cystic Fibrosis Division of Pulmonary Medicine of Children’s Hospital of Detroit, Michigan Medical Center (DMC) for three months. He was hospitalized on June 26th, 2006, whereby he received intensive inpatient care. DMC believes that had Alex stayed in the United States or at their hospital, they could sustain his life because he responded to the treatment extremely well and he would have access to proper medication and treatment on a continual basis.

While there is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis, western countries that have better access to medical treatments and antibiotics can prolong a child’s life up to at least 35 years because of the medicine that is available to them. And with the continued advancement of medicine, who knows what tomorrow will bring to help cystic fibrosis patients.

In poor countries like Albania, children with Cystic Fibrosis die shortly thereafter they are born.

When Alex met Nurse Deborah Hachey at DMC, she noticed that they arrived with no money and no clothes. Deborah and the Nurses at DMC bought Alex and his parents clothes. Deborah said that they were so grateful, “It was like they won the lottery.” Deborah is so heartbroken herself that she even said “I have failed them.” She also explained that she looks at his picture everyday, and that the one memory she has is the day that she and the other nurses found a tricycle for Alex to ride in the outdoor garden of the hospital. The nurses would put the huge oxygen tank on the back step of the tricycle and tie it around his body and then he would just ride the tricycle for hours. He never rode a tricycle before until he came to DMC.

Alex and his family were on a medical visa and were sponsored by only one person: Majlinda Preka, who is the sole founder of The Foundation of Hope for Sick Children of Albania. It is a non-for-profit organization. Donations can be automatically wired to Charter One Bank in Michigan. All donations are tax deductible.

By November 10th, 2006, Alex will be out of proper medication and his survival rate will decrease substantially.

The Marku family needs an angel that will financially sponsor and help Alex and his mother return to the United States immediately to seek continued medical treatment for at least one year and financially support his medication, which averages $7,000 a month for a period of time so when he is older he could possibly get a lung transplant. Please help save Alexander Marku so that he can live. He is an amazing child who deserves a chance. We can’t let this human spirit die, if there is anytime in this world that needs this kind of spirit; it is now!

Contact Information:

Amber Carey Gitter


464 Shenstone

Riverside, Illinois 60546

Contact Information for Alexander Marku:

Ms. Majlinda Preka, Founder


P.O. Box 893

Sterling, Hts., MI 48311-0893


Dr. Debbie Toder and Nurse Deborah Hachey

Cystic Fibrosis Division of Pulmonary Medicine of Children’s Hospital of Detroit, Michigan

313-745-5541 and/or 313-745-6035

Ms. Adelina Beljin

She is a friend who can speak English and Albanian and is currently in Tirana visiting family, but lives in Wisconsin. Her phone numbers are 414-489-9251 and 00355-42277-43

The Marku Family

Mirdit Fshati Koder Spaq

Tirana, Albania 6VER

+ 0692-359-354


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