Einstein Brothers Launch It's Much Worse Than I Thought (The Only Reasonable Conclusion)

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Heirs to the Einstein family comedy legacy of Parkyakarkus (Harry Einstein), Albert Brooks (Albert Einstein) and Super Dave Osborne (Bob Einstein), Mike and Jeff Einstein (Mike and Jeff Einstein) today announced the launch of itsmuchworsethanithought.com, a new weblog with ambitions to become the world's largest and funniest complaint department – located on the World Wide Web at http://itsmuchworsethanithought.com.

"It's Much Worse Than I Thought is our response to the thousand-and-one inanities and indignities of life in the digitally new and improved America of the 21st century," says digital media pioneer Jeff Einstein. "It's the only reasonable conclusion in a consumer society run amok, a society where almost everything is advertised but almost nothing works as advertised."

Itsmuchworsethanithought.com is highly interactive, with features like Submit a Much Worse Thought (you know it's much worse than you thought when Jon Stewart is the most trusted name in TV news), Submit a Much Worse Tale (your latest airline, bank, ISP, wireless, cable, technical support, work-related or whatever horror story), and Ask the Expert, where visitors are encouraged to email a Much Worse panel of lifestyle experts, including phobia-ridden U.S. Border Patrol agent Manuel Labor (author of "Siesta Por Favor: Portraits of Mexicans Too Tired to Cross the Border"), Much Worse anger management consultant Dr. William Ire (author of "F**k that S**t: The Tanked Up Guide to Political Correctness"), self-medicated meditation and Feng Shui guru Hans Angst, personal style and bling consultant 2Bits, and fugitive financial advisor José Noé.

Itsmuchworsethanithought.com also introduces Much Worse Videos, original short-format comedy videos appearing also on their own Much Worse Channel on EVTV1.com, and across several hundred affiliate websites in the Vidsense video syndication network located at Vidsense.com. EVTV1 managing editor Joe Silic explains: "Much Worse Videos are throwbacks to the great scripted radio routines of the 1930s and 40s, when radio was the great visual medium. We are thrilled to introduce them here on EVTV1."

"Contrary to popular belief," says Einstein, "radio is still very much the great visual electronic medium. In fact, our Much Worse Videos are much bettered viewed with closed eyes." Scripted around patently absurd historical themes and equally absurd recurring characters (including interviews with the Much Worse Experts), initial Much Worse Video titles include "Davy Crockett's Midlife Crisis", "Alexander the Good Finds an Agent", "The Jeff Einstein/Mike Tyson Championship Fight Call from Madison Square Gardens", and "December 6, 1941 – the Day that Almost Lived in Infamy".

According to Einstein, no cyber-sojourn to itsmuchworsethanithought.com would be complete without a trip to The Much Worse Store (accessible from the weblog or directly at http://store.themuchworsestore.com/), the only online store to offer a total Customer Dissatisfaction Guarantee.

"Clearly, itsmuchworsethanithought.com is the byproduct of two over-insured, under-employed guys with way too much spare time on our hands," Einstein admits. "That said, It's Much Worse Than I Thought is much more than just a consumer mantra for the 21st century. In today's eat-all-you-want-we'll-make-more world, It's Much Worse Than I Thought is the only reasonable conclusion…"


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