Starbucks Beware -- The Revolutionary Patented Affinitea Tea Brewing Process Explodes Onto College Campuses Across The Nation

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Affinitea, owners of the patented Affinitea Infusion Process, has joined forces with Java City Coffees to bring the revolutionary loose leaf tea brewing process to college campuses across the nation.

The Affinitea Infusion Process, the subject of 5 international patents, is poised to revolutionize the specialty tea industry. With the unique ability to fresh brew chai and tea latte's, Affinitea is opening up a whole new market for tea. After a year highlighted with regional success stories at urban teahouses across the country, like the Tea Spot in New York creating over 300 custom made Affinitea Iced Teas each day, Affinitea is set to go nationwide. Java City has launched the Affinitea Infusion Process at their locations on the following college campuses:

University of Florida- Gainesville, FL

University of Central Florida Library- Gainesville, FL

University of Texas Austin Library- Austin, TX

Marymount College- New York, NY

Trinity University- San Antonio, TX

College of Charleston Library- Charleston, SC

West Chester University- West Chester, PA

University of California/Irvine Cyber A Café- Irvine, CA

Northwest Missouri State University- Union Maryville, MO

Grand Valley State University- Allendale, MI

Southern Methodist University- Dallas, TX

University of AZ Med Center- Tucson, AZ

With the patented Affinitea Infusion Process you can brew any loose-leaf tea, herb or Chai blend in 30 to 50 seconds, steam milk and dispense hot water with the machine. The Affinitea Infusion Process and the machine work just the opposite of an espresso machine. Rather than slowly and evenly pressing on coffee grounds, the Affinitea machine harnesses the power of agitation to open the tea leaf. Once the tea leaf is open, it would still take 3-5 minutes for the water to infuse into the tea leaf, under natural atmospheric pressure of 14 pounds per square inch (normal pressure on Earth). However, by sealing the environment and increasing the pressure to 140 psi (10 times normal pressure on Earth), the Affinitea process forces the natural brewing process to happen 10 times faster (30-50 seconds). Because the contact time is 30-50 seconds instead of 3-7 minutes it is not necessary to modify the temperature. The negative flavor traits associated with green tea and higher temperature come out of the tea later in the brewing process.

The second way the Affinitea Infusion Process is different from an espresso machine is; an espresso machine is designed to depend on the physical consistency of the brewable substance (coffee, tea or pod) to hold back the pressure inside of the brewing chamber. This works great for coffee because you are grinding it and packing it to an even consistency. However, with tea, herbs and chai the particles are all different shapes and sizes so you cannot depend on the tea to hold backpressure. With our patented process we utilize an adjustable valve to exert pressure on the tea, herbs and chai after agitation has done the work of opening the leaf.

Now the concept of fresh brewed loose leaf tea is taking the nation by storm.


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