Smart Women Looking for the Missing Midlife Manual? 4 Week Lifestyle Tune Up Seminar Begins in November

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Certified Life Coach, former chef, and Smart Midlife Woman, Gregory Anne Cox, has compiled the missing midlife manual for women who feel like their minds and bodies are someone elses. In just 28 days, one hour per week, she shares the stuff that works and makes it easy to put them into action in your life. One thing at a time.

Midlife woman, listen up. Gregory Anne Cox, certified life coach, wil demonstrate how to transform your life from so-so to spectacular in just 28 days.

The course starts November 15, 2006, just in time for a holiday tune up.

Gregory Anne is a chef with a nutrition background and a certified coach who has been offering up heaping, all-you-can-eat servings of health and wellness advice to women just like you for decades.

In recent years past she began to notice that what used to work to keep her feeling her best was no longer working. And she bet that other women were feeling the same.

She went in search of the lost manual to mid-life. For three years she read hundreds of books, researched thousands of theories, and sampled thousands of pills, potions, and lotions. Gregory kept track of what worked and what didn't.

She took courses on everything from winning the money game and getting in touch with her inner warrior, to the biology of belief and the science of success.

And now it's time to share the wealth. As a woman with a passion for women's health and wellness Gregory Anne knows that women are masters of reinvention but also of putting others first. "We are doing, if not having it all," says coach Greg, "often to the exclusion of our health, self care, and, dare I say, joy?"

At last, the secrets to looking and feeling better are just a phone call away. In just 28 days attendees will be able to:

  • Fight disease and the onset of aging with renewed strength and confidence
  • Discover the exact, cutting edge, hype-free details on which foods and fitness habits are really good for you—and which aren’t--at this time of your life
  • Live life to the absolute fullest, not just on paper, but in your day to day activities, looking and feeling like you haven’t looked or felt in years, maybe even decades
  • Grab potentially life changing recipes and book recommendations that will keep you focused for the rest of your life

Be held accountable for your progress and have someone to celebrate your victories

And there will be victories.

"I'm on a mission to spread the word about bringing passion and possibilities back into the lives of women around the globe, coach Greg added, "and to give you the exact tools necessary to make that happen, not next month or next year, but today, right at this moment, for YOU."

So how does one get in on the goods? Head over to for more information or to sign up.

You can find information on one on one and group coaching at

Gregory Anne welcomes email from you or a call if you'd like more information quickly.


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