The Natural Nasal Spray for Headaches: Does it Work?

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Sinol USA has created an all natural over-the-counter nasal spray for headaches that has shown to be very effective. Testimonials tell about the efficacy and this user friendly new drug.

Headache Pain can be debilitating and certainly a handicap for those who get them frequently. Migraines, the most common type of headache is caused when blood vessels surrounding the eyes and forehead begin to spasm. What's needed is an immediate way to relax the muscles in the lining of blood vessels to put this common problem at ease. Capsaicin, an ingredient from the pepper plant, is a fast-acting natural remedy that relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels and it is this ingredient that is in the new Sinol Nasal Spray.

"A friend of mine who uses Sinol told me about it," claimed Jean Young, a 73 year old headache sufferer and now a Sinol user. "I really didn't want to use it at first because the thought of spraying pepper up my nose didn't sound like much fun," said Young. "I used Sinol in both nostrils and was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't burn like I thought it would and it relieves my headaches within minutes. I had used Capzaicin, that cream for arthritis, and it burned my skin and I feared Sinol would do the same. I actually really like the way Sinol feels when I use it," said Young.

Conventional headache remedies attempt to block the pain receptors, not the cause of the headache, said Paul Carpenter, CEO of Sinol USA. Sinol addresses the cause of the headache and we spent a very long time formulating Sinol so it does not have a harsh burning sensation. We combined soothing ingredients such as aloe, eucalyptus and sea salt and this formula works," Carpenter stated. "We have a money back guarantee and have returned 1 bottle this year, now thats powerful evidence."

Susie Montgomery, a Nutrition Supervisor and Buyer for The Mustard Seed Café in Akron Ohio, told us "I wanted to try it on my 13 year old son, who often gets migraine/cluster headaches. So, last weekend he started feeling one coming on and he tried it. About one minute later he says, 'my headache is gone,' and went on his busy way. I am now selling Sinol in our store."

The buyer from gave Sinol to her sister who has bad allergies and her sister emailed her the next day "Oh my gosh. I wish I could hug you. That allergy stuff works.    I used it last night and I woke up this morning with a clear head. I CAN BREATHE! Sinol is now available at, the largest of all the internet drugstores.

"For 3 days I suffered with a sinus headache, I used Sinol and the headache was instantly gone," said Jack Turner from Lacrosse, Indiana.

We spoke to Gail Matthews, an attorney in Danbury, CT who suffers from sinusitis and sinus headaches, "I use Sinol every day," Matthews admits while smiling. "This is a miracle product, my Mom and friends use it with instant relief," said Matthews.

"People are looking for relief from these bad ailments and they love the fact that our product has no side effects and is not addictive," Carpenter replied.

If your local drugstore or even health food store doesn't carry Sinol, ask them why?

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