Visualize Your Data with Chart ModelKit for .NET

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While integrating chart components, developers face the need to precisely set chart appearance. At the same time it is necessary to take into account specific character of the application being developed, industry it relates to, and customers’ requirements. The component in use should feature a rich set of abilities for individual settings of the chart elements, addition of non-standard elements, and specific processing of source data. Chart ModelKit is a component for designing charts and graphs that meets all the mentioned requirements. Because of open architecture and intuitive charts object model, this product will make work of the developer more effective and reduce time for application development.

A built-in WYSIWYG designer provides the ability to customize charts without writing a single line of code. A mouse click on any chart element provides access to all its properties which can be interactively changed. The designer is available both at design time and run time.

In contrast to similar products available on the market, Chart ModelKit features an advanced data binding model that provides a set of unique capabilities for creating charts without the need to code. This library connects to the .NET, ADO.NET, IList, and IListSource data sources. It is possible to use multiple data sources in a single chart. While designing charts, hierarchical data sources can be used: every element of the upper level is represented as a separate series built by nested elements. Chart data can be grouped or sorted by any condition. The built-in expression language allows performing manipulations over values when binding the chart to a data source. Besides that, you can create a set of charts by a flat set of data, using arbitrary grouping condition. It is also possible to build bound and unbound charts.

Due to the unique object architecture the product grants the opportunity to design the great many of chart configurations which are hard or impossible to create using other approaches. Chart ModelKit supports export to SVG, Flash, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats.

The product delivers a wide range of 2D charts which can be used in .Net Windows Forms applications. The library contains a set of standard elements: axes, labels, legends, titles etc and a set of available series types: Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Stacked100Bar, Spline, Line, Bubble, Area, Stacked Area, Stacked100Area, Stock, Candle Stick.

In addition, Chart ModelKit supports a number of features inherent to all Perpetuum Software products. The component is written in C#, contains only managed code and supports all .NET data sources. Full source code in C# is available. Chart ModelKit run time is royalty free.

Most developers continue to actively use third-party chart components as a part of their applications, though complexity and different integration mechanisms can challenge product implementation and developer productivity. Chart ModelKit is included into the .NET ModelKit Suite - an integrated developer framework with similar design time and run time customization facilities. This provides easy integration with other Perpetuum Software products – Report Sharp-Shooter, Instrumentation ModelKit and OLAP ModelKit.

The detailed information on Chart ModelKit is available on the product page:

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Perpetuum Software specializes in development of high-quality .NET and ASP.NET software components compatible with MS Visual Studio .NET, C# Builder, Delphi .NET and other IDEs supporting .NET Framework. Such use-proven components as Report Sharp-Shooter, Instrumentation ModelKit, OLAP ModelKit, Chart ModelKit and other .NET components by Perpetuum Software are already well known on the software development market and are used by developers in more than 50 countries.


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