Is The Online Affiliate Marketing Trend Catching On?

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All types of companies are offering affiliate programs in hopes of generating leads. For those companies signing on as an affiliate, it means extra income with very little work.

Almost everyone who has surfed the Internet has encountered affiliate marketing. While that might sound astonishing, with the prevalence of affiliate programs on the Internet, the chances are extremely high that most people have seen or even participated in affiliate marketing.

For instance, if people have ever 'clicked thru' one site to order something from another, the first site probably received some portion of the sale. For example, if someone is searching for cheap travel destinations and finds a site advertising inexpensive travel packages, they might click through and eventually purchase the package at the second site. Unbeknownst to the shopper, the first site may get a portion of the proceeds since it was the advertisement or link that led the customer to the site where they made the purchase.

Affiliate programs are an ideal for a small business website to be profitable. Visitors to a company’s Website are interested in many different ideas, products and services that may or may not be related to the product or services of the company. However, with a strong knowledge about its customers, that small business can affiliate its company and Website with other Websites that offer what its’ customers want.

The owner of the initial Website receives a small percentage of sales, but it eventually all adds up and it all it cost was a link on their Website.

The affiliate trend is catching on, and in fact, one of the largest affiliates for eBay has reportedly earned over one million dollars commission for one month. While that is extremely rare, there are many small businesses out there making additional income by participating in affiliate marketing programs.

One company offering a comprehensive and successful affiliate program is 89 Dollar Travel. Offering extremely affordable vacation destinations for only $89.00, this travel company obtains many of its leads through their newly launch affiliate program.

Paying $2.00 for every U.S. lead, their program is simple, easy and can help small businesses earn additional income.

"We started our affiliate marketing program to help build more leads for our extremely affordable vacation destinations. The new affiliate program is a great way for us to reach consumers who may not have heard of 89 Dollar Travel," comments Aric Nagel, owner of 89 Dollar Travel.

He continues, "We believe the affiliate marketing program helps us build solid leads so we offer a simple and easy to use signup process. Our affiliates appreciate that the program is so straightforward and that they can begin earning commission payments almost immediately."

At its best, affiliate marketing is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. It is a great way for small businesses like 89 Dollar Travel to generate leads and for the affiliates, they get to build customer goodwill as well as earning additional income quickly and easily. To learn more about the affiliate program offered by 89 Dollar Travel visit their website.


89 Dollar Travel is a unique travel company offering $89 travel opportunities to popular travel destinations throughout the United States. Travelers are required to participate in an interactive, 90-minute presentation as part of the package price.

89 Dollar Travel has travel packages to many destinations throughout the United States including Gatlinburg, Branson Missouri, Hershey Park, Myrtle Beach and many others.


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