Amendment 2 -- Missouri Company Appeals to Pro Life Americans to Aid Missouri's Pro Life Majority in Fetal Stem Cell/Cloning Fight

Share Article calls on all Pro life supporters to educate Missouri voters and get them out to vote NO on Amendment 2. calls on all Pro life supporters to educate Missouri voters and get them out to vote NO on Amendment 2.

"Missouri State Amendment 2 would legalize the manufacturing and destruction of human beings by legalizing cloning through a process known as Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT). Existing human beings would also be used for scientific experimentation," said Steve Sanborn, president of located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Amendment 2 bans only cloning that involves planting an embryo within the womb. It specifically prohibits government from interfering with somatic cell nuclear transfer, which involves replacing the nucleus of a human egg outside the womb -- the cloning procedure used to produce Dolly the sheep.

"Regardless of what Amendment 2 supporters are saying on TV, billboards or in person, they are lying to the people of Missouri in order to get this amendment passed to create a national industry," Sanborn added. "Essentially they have to lie, because they know that the vast majority of Missourians oppose fetal stem cell research and cloning which amount to nothing less than medical cannibalism." is a new organization listing businesses that wish to be known for their prolife stance. The company is calling on all pro life people in the US to contact those they know in Missouri, particularly by email and phone, to be sure all are educated about Amendment 2 and the need to get out and vote no.

"Pro life organizations never have the financial backing to fight a group like the Stowers Institute which is funding the deceitful marketing campaign with $27.7 million or 97% of its budget," Sanborn said. "This is apparently how much it costs to beat back the will of the people. Ours is always a grassroots fight to protect innocent human life -- theirs is a fight to create yet another billion dollar industry by playing God at the expense of innocent human lives."

If Amendment 2 passes in Missouri, similar legislation could easily pass in other states across the country. Sanborn says this particular fight is not a Missouri issue, but rather a national issue. While thousands of yard signs are up all over the state saying "Vote No on Amendment 2," Sanborn says he fears it is no match for the many television commercials, bill boards and other marketing efforts pounding Missourians every day until election day.

"The amendment opens with a lie and is followed by two-thousand pages of rhetoric that spells out the real truth," says Sanborn. "The lawyers who wrote Amendment 2 work for giant biotechnology labs that plan to make billions of dollars by cloning humans for research -- They're hoping no one wants to read their two-thousand page document."

Unequivocally, the proposal tries to keep politicians from interfering with its approved cloning process: "(N)o state or local government body or official shall eliminate, reduce, deny or withhold any public funds provided or eligible to be provided to a person that lawfully conducts stem cell research or provides stem cell therapies and cures."

"There is no time to read it all at this point -- the point is to get the word out to every person in Missouri as quickly as possible from inside and outside the state," says Sanborn. provides a link to Amendment 2 information and hopes it will be forwarded to all Missourians. offers free and paid online listings to prolife businesses in the US that want to be connected with like-minded consumers.

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