Directory of Schools Issues Wake-Up Call to High Tech and Other Workers

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Outsourcing is the new “big bad wolf” among the employed. As businesses struggle to streamline and increase efficiency, employees are at risk of losing their jobs. But according to, it does not have to play out that way. For workers who are willing to broaden and increase their skills, outsourcing could lead to increased opportunities within these transforming companies.

After a rigorous program of study and finally landing that "dream job", skilled professionals often look forward to the security and above-average pay scale that comes with the territory. However, because of outsourcing, offshoring, shared resource development and other efficiency-based business strategies, many are watching their dreams dissipate. But there is a way to increase the odds of successfully navigating these unpredictable job currents.

Outsourcing is the new "big bad wolf" among the employed. It is the contracting out of non-core business operations, usually leading to layoffs, as businesses close entire departments in order to save money and increase efficiency. But according to, it does not have to play out that way. For workers who are willing to broaden and increase their skills, outsourcing could lead to increased opportunities within these transforming companies.

For example, a popular outsourcing target is the computer programmer; because a programmer can usually work from any geographical location, transmitting programs via e-mail. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in its employment forecasts through the year 2014, indicates that jobs for computer programmers will grow at a significantly slower rate than all other computer specialists. However, those who continue to increase their knowledge of the latest programming languages and techniques, and who acquire technical specializations along with other marketable skills, will be more likely to remain in the company, even if their department is streamlined. Those who top off their education and training with an MBA will be especially desirable and versatile in the future job environment.

Online schools provide a way to keep up with the changing pace of business, technology and numerous other fields without sacrificing time away from the workplace. The flexibility of being able to study when and where it is convenient ranks highly among working adults. In a recent study conducted by an independent research firm for Capella University, enrollment in online-only education programs is increasing at an average rate of 35% each year. With a laptop, a modem and an internet connection, the process of insuring job security has become easier to manage. And is the web-place to begin a user-friendly search of online degree and certificate programs.

Along with computer programmers, outsourcing also affects jobs in customer support, information technology, engineering design, data analysis, environmental services, research processes (i.e. genetics & nanotechnology), Medicare, software development, and art & animation. New fields are being tested each day to determine the feasibility of outsourcing; and many jobs that seem secure today may be fair pickings tomorrow.

The use of outsourcing and other efficiency strategies should provide a wake-up call to those who are willing to begin now to take the necessary steps to increase their marketable skills for the inevitable employment changes looming on the horizon.


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