Next Step in Cinematic Evolution: the New XpanD Theater in Murcia, Spain

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XpanD, an ever-growing digital 3D cinema network that combines cinematographic content with special effects, has announced the official grand opening of their first XpanD theater in Spain. Featuring a large library of cinema experiences, XpanD offers a powerful integration of dramatic digital imagery with the excitement of a theme park experience.

The XPAND theater in Murcia features X6D - the full solution of XPAND, and integrates two DCI compliant 2k projectors that generate an optimal stereoscopic 3D experience for a truly immersive atmosphere. By incorporating physical periphery elements such as scent delivery system, winds ranging from mild to heavy, combination water/mist and rain effects, fog, smoke, lasers and a vast array of artistic lighting for the depiction of explosions and many other surprise occurrences, the XPAND theatre provides a movie-going experience unlike the rest. With a VIP area housing 48 customized special effects luxury moving seats, with full motion capability simulating real-time motion, this theatre is sure to become the pièce de résistance in cinematic entertainment. All of these special effects are custom-synchronized to the action of each movie title.

Kolosej, a fast-growing European entertainment group, developed XPAND's extraordinary melding of advanced entertainment technologies by merging a group of prestigious content providers and advanced technology developers. XPAND predicts this unique cinema event will become the next generation of sophisticated entertainment.

"XPAND in Murcia will transform the cinema complex into a national attraction," says Maria Costeira, Chief Executive Officer of XPAND. "These theaters enable us to join our heroes on the screens--to feel the wind while we're flying with them, or when driving with them. Or to feel the rain during a storm or even something simple like smelling flowers. There's no home theatre or even digital cinema, no matter how advanced that can create an experience that comes close. XPAND is one of a kind."

The flexibility of the XPAND digital cinema solution is unparalleled in the current theatre industry. XPAND comes in three turnkey solutions.

They are:

X6D - Full solution that includes a 3D digital system, SFX moving seats and in-theater effects.

X4D - Enhanced solution, which includes the 3D digital system with in-theater effects.

X3D - Basic solution includes the exceptional 3D digital cinema system.

"The XPAND X6D theater in Murcia is the first of three planned theaters in Spain. We have plans for 12 more XPAND theaters in Europe during 2007, reaching approximately 40 XPAND theaters globally by 2008," says Ami Dror, XPAND's Executive Vice President of Business Development.

XPAND plans to partner with a minimum of ten international cinema exhibitors who will enjoy substantial financial support from XPAND with regard to technology, installation, ongoing operations and market drive.

Kolosej is the entertainment division of a large European financial company, KD Group, which has business interests in theatrical exhibition, film distribution, leisure centers, casinos, nightclubs and complimentary retail.


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