No More Bloody Toes Ladies--Dainty Footings is the Affordable and Comfortable Gift for Her This Holiday Season

Dainty Footings announces a new line of shoe cushions designed just for her utilizing high-tech Poron. The new Poron material has passed both the Schwartz and Peck Human Patch Tests (for primary skin irritation) and USP Class VI toxicology testing. Who knew technology could be sexy?

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Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) October 26, 2006

Dainty Footings, Inc. ( officially launched their high-tech women's high heel foot cushions today nationwide. Dainty Footings footwear fashion accessories come in multiple shapes, colors and sizes and utilize high-tech science - one of the only high heel ladies' foot cushions made with Poron Performance Urethanes in the U.S.

Poron is a luxurious and lightweight material used in Europe for decades. It is smooth and soft to the touch while providing maximum shock absorption and correcting improper foot position thereby preventing foot, leg, and back pain. Poron is an open cell material which allows heat and moisture to dissipate quickly, keeping feet cool and dry - and the substance absorbs impact better than latex foam, rubber, gels and neoprene while lasting up to six months with daily use. Poron foot cushions have passed both the Schwartz and Peck Human Patch Tests (for primary skin irritation) and USP Class VI toxicology testing.

"As a single working Mom I knew there had to be a way to both look and feel great in my high heels every day - which is usually an 18-hour day for me," said CEO and Founder Susanna Potter. "But I just couldn't find a solution to keep my feet from killing me as I went to the office to my son's hockey practice - so necessity being the mother of invention - I left my previous position and designed and founded Dainty Footings. These are foot cushions made for real women by real women - and the response has been tremendous."

Dainty Footings are available in Revive Insoles, Heel Liners, Ball-of-Foot Cushions, Heel Cushions, Beautiful Bride Gift Set, and the Step 'n Style Gift Set. They range in price from an affordable $6.96 to $12.95 and last six months. Products will be available at fine retailers nationwide soon and immediately at

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Dainty Footings Insole Dainty Footings Insole

Dainty Footings come in multiple sizes, colors and gift sets just for her shoes.

Dainty Footings Heel Liner Dainty Footings Heel Liner

The high tech Poron material takes up to six months to break down with daily use.

Dainty Footing's Ball-of-Foot Cushion Dainty Footing's Ball-of-Foot Cushion

Reduces foot, leg, and back pain while being designed specifically for her high heels.