Application of Wireless Control Networks Will Stimulate Utilities Sector to Proliferate Load Shedding Programs

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A new WTRS Report studies Emerging Applications for Wireless Control Networks including Medical & Healthcare, Utilities, Transportation, and Agriculture. Projections on relative market adoption, adoption drivers, and the emergence of technology to stimulate the market dynamics of existing products, are defined and analyzed.

The WTRS Emerging Wireless Control Network Application Report examines the market potential, state of the involved standards bodies, barriers to entry for emerging technologies and components, relative attractiveness of emerging wireless technologies. Utilities, Agriculture, Transportation, and Medical wireless applications under consideration today are among those with the most risk to market entry. Understanding the market drivers and inhibitors in these sectors is essential to companies developing Wireless Control Network technologies and also to those considering adopting the technologies into their end products.

"Utilities theoretically stand to benefit from Automated Meter Reading with a wireless mesh operating in a neighborhood to reduce manual labor, operational expenses, and theft," says Dr Kirsten West, Principal Analyst of WTRS. "In fact, the largest real and sustainable application for wireless control networks in AMR for the next few years will be that of 'load shedding'."

The Emerging Wireless Control Network Application Report from WTRS uncovers:

(1) The applicability of Wireless Control Network technology to the Utilities, Agriculture, Transportation, and Medical segments.

(2) It is possible that any one of these applications will loom large in the future, but for the present they are the purview of isolated pilot programs at best.

(3) An analysis of the impact of evolving regulatory issues in the Agricultural, Transportation, and Utilities sectors.

(4) Dominant use cases for emerging wireless control networks in Utilities applications.

(5) Risks associated with entry into the Agriculture, Transportation, Utilities, and Medical sectors.

(6) The impact of smart card manufacturers on the development of near field communication (NFC) in the Medical sector.

"Wireless Control Networks" are systems that utilize wireless technologies as the underlying platform to deploy networks for sensor and control applications. Examples of technologies and protocols included in the "Wireless Control Network" are WSN (wireless sensor networks), M2M, mesh networking, ZigBee, INSTEON, IEEE 802.15.4, RFID, Z-Wave, Wavenis, low data-rate UWB, NFC, and others.

Using only publicly available information, meticulously gathered from public patent sources, company information, and other research this report is truly an invaluable resource for any company participating in the Wireless Control Network sector, or planning a potential entry into this market.

West Technology Research Solutions, LLC (WTRS) is an independent market research and consulting company with 8 years in wireless research specializing in Insteon, ZigBee, UWB, Bluetooth, WiMAX, IEEE 802.15.4, Wi-Fi, and other emerging wireless technologies and protocols. WTRS helps companies track the market potential & viability of wireless emerging technologies. WTRS reports are not funded by, or in any other way influenced by, companies which we study. WTRS market research and consulting services provide customers with the information they need to assess market opportunities, evaluate investments, monitor competition, form relationships, and make crucial business decisions in following cutting-edge technologies. WTRS customers range from start-ups, some still in development, to the largest and most prominent players in technology. All have an interest in market intelligence that aids them in making crucial business decisions.

The Emerging Wireless Control Network Application Report


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