Larry King Has Nothing On The Universe of Power (Unfortunately)

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The Universe of Power has announced that this week they are moving far Beyond Positive Thinking. They upped the ante on "The Secret" by providing a hands-on, step-by-step guide to The Laws of Attraction and Conscious Creation.

On November 2, Larry King will host a bevy of self-help gurus who will promote their versions of the laws of attraction, as described in the recent movie, "The Secret." Also this week, The Universe of Power is announcing the release of it's completed 12-lesson audio course on implementing the laws of attraction.

Jessica LaRock, the heart and soul of The Universe of Power, is beyond herself with excitement. "I loved the movie [The Secret]," she says. "But, just as with "What the Bleep", they left out a number of important elements." Asked to enumerate, she replied: "All these very smart and well-meaning people tell you all about the Laws of Attraction, but they rarely tell you how to apply it in your own life."

LaRock certainly had her ups and downs as she experimented with these same principles. "It came down to four simple steps, one of which is almost always missing from books, movies, or teleclasses on the laws of attraction." LaRock says that when they designed their course several months ago (well before "The Secret" was ever released), they designed it with a mind toward long-term support.

"The difference," LaRock adds, "is that we not only provide this one missing ingredient that makes things really happen, we provide ongoing support with our live forum board." The forum board, LaRock explains, is a place where people can go with questions, comments, success stories, or descriptions of baffling situations related to "The Secret" or the Laws of Attraction. She says that those who listen to Larry King's program on "Beyond Positive Thinking" will appreciate the depth and simplicity of her course.

"Hey, we're all human, and like it or not, most of us aren't trained to think or act in ways that create the results we want." This, says LaRock, is why they created the Conscious Creation course with the online forum board automatically included.

LaRock is thrilled that they now include a complete, professionally-produced audio version of the Conscious Creation course. "It's been proven that we retain far more information when we can see it or here it," she says.

The audio version of The Quintessential Guide to Conscious Creation is now available, and is included in the course. "It's The Secret on steroids, and supplements everything that Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and others will talk about on the Larry King Show."

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