Sexy Leading Man Blair Underwood Reveals "How To Love A Good Woman" on The Family Digest Show with Darryl Mobley

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Darryl Mobley, the straight talking host of the popular new The Family Digest Show interviewed actor Blair Underwood on the topic, "How To Love A Good Woman." Blair's answers and insights into romance and having a lasting, loving relationship will surprise and illuminate viewers.

Darryl Mobley, the straight talking host of the popular new The Family Digest Show interviewed actor Blair Underwood on the topic, "How To Love A Good Woman." Blair's answers and insights into romance and having a lasting, loving relationship will surprise and illuminate viewers.

According to Darryl, "Blair is a very down to earth, spiritual guy who sees his most important roles as husband and father. He has got his head on straight and viewers will learn a lot from him about finding a good woman and staying in love with her forever. I really enjoyed shooting this show."

During the interview, Blair had this to say: "Communication is the key to loving a good woman. It really is learning how to talk to each other, learning how to argue, learning how to disagree, especially when there are kids around, learning how to disagree in front of those kids, or not. Knowing when to be quiet, knowing when to shut up and have that conversation somewhere else, another time."

The Family Digest Show with Darryl Mobley premiered in September and has already gotten a big thumbs-up from viewers. Here's what viewers have said about the show and Darryl Mobley:

"Darryl is so blunt. I can't believe it. But he is right and we need to hear this stuff. I loved his show with Terry McMillan."

----- A. Jones, Raleigh, NC

"I want my daughter to see The Family Digest Show before she gets married. The things Darryl Mobley says are so right on for the kids trying to have a great relationship. Plus, he says it in a way that makes you want to hear it. He doesn't preach. And, he has a great sense of humor."

----- S. Treynor, Los Angeles, CA

"I don't know if Darryl Mobley is the brother I wish I'd had, or the man I should have married. He is really a good man."

----- D. Carter, Chicago, IL

"I just wanted to write to thank Darryl Mobley for what he said on The Family Digest Show about how to keep kids away from drugs. His advice is helping me with my children."

----- R. Statler, Jackson, MS

"When I see Darryl on his show I think he's the man I want to ask me out on a date. He's smart, good looking and everything he says makes me feel good about my future. Unfortunately, I heard him say that he's married already."

----- A. Stern, Cincinnati, OH

"What I like about Darryl is that he will tell the experts he interviews that what they say is crap if he thinks it is. Now that's reality TV!"

----- S. Parker, Dallas, TX

"…I am going to a sorority meeting on Saturday and I am going to tell everyone there to watch The Family Digest Show. Most of us work, so they'll have to record it, but it's worth it because these women don't know anything about how to raise a family. Darryl's talk show gets to the heart of the issue." ----- T. Henry, New York

There are "How-To" television shows on cooking, painting and home repair. The Family Digest Show with Darryl Mobley is a "How To" show on what really matters in our lives, our families and relationships. The show is appointment TV for anyone who wants to have a "Smarter, Healthier, Happier" family and relationships.

Other show topics have included "How To Overcome Challenges and Win At The Game of Life," "How To Raise Boys Of Character," and "How To Get Your Man To Do Anything and Love It!"

The show airs daily at noon on the Black Family Channel and on weekends on various networks across the U.S. Check your local listings.

About Darryl Mobley and The Family Digest Show

The FAMILY DIGEST SHOW is produced by Sticky Programming Worldwide and the Family Digest Media Group. Family Digest Media Group was founded by Darryl Mobley, a publisher, author, public speaker, entrepreneur, radio and television host. Family Digest's mission is to help develop, "Smarter, Healthier, Happier Families" by providing information to move families and relationships ahead. Family Digest Media Group properties include: Family Digest Magazine – Black America's #1 family and relationship magazine; The HISTORY'S MAGIC MOMENTS™ TV Show which gives viewers interesting and little-known facts about historic people, places, things and events. In addition, every episode of HISTORY'S MAGIC MOMENTS™ is themed to be in sync with each month's major national interest areas; Family Digest REPORTS Radio Show – the only "How-To" family, relationship, health & lifestyle radio show that reaches Black America's family gatekeepers; THE FAMILY DIGEST SHOW – the only "How-To" TV show for Smarter, Happier Healthier, Families, Relationships and Kids; the One Minute Dad TV and Radio Show; the Family Digest Power of Family Get Together held at Walt Disney World; the Family Digest & Partners Family Health Kit; Local Marketing Programs; and the Bid Whist World Championship, along with various other properties.

About Darryl L. Mobley, host & creator of The Family Digest Show

Darryl is a graduate of West Point - the United States Military Academy, a former Army Officer, a former corporate executive with one of the world's largest companies, an entrepreneur, a father and a husband. He is an avid adventure seeker, having parachuted hundreds of times, visited all 50 U.S. states and capitals, traveled around the world, and participated in some of the world's great events, including Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, partying during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and more. His personal motto is, "Enjoy Life!"


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