B# Newsletter: A Vital Missing Link to Musicians' Successes

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The long published B# Newsletter continues to become increasingly popular through its provision of free music business education for musicians and recording artists.

Most musicians and recording artists, initially, believed that the development of the Internet and related online peripheral technologies was a Godsend and the answers to their prayers

The B# Newsletter, a free monthly online music industry publication, provides education regarding business, marketing, promotion and publicity for musicians and recording artists. The increasingly popular newsletter has even attracted the attention of noted college music professors from several leading universities who have also become subscribers.

Dr. Amy Bauer, a music professor at the University of California at Irvine says, "The B# Newsletter is the only e-zine I read regularly from cover-to-cover (metaphorically speaking), and I eagerly recommend it to all my classical and jazz friends and students."

Jonathan Greenberg, Editor of the ECHO Music Journal at UCLA says, "I applaud what you are doing," while David Nevue, president of The Music Biz Academy adds, "We here are big fans of Kenny Love's B# Newsletter, which is always full of great ideas on how to get your music noticed. In fact, we think Kenny is one of the best, all-around, 'idea people' we know."

Published by MuBiz.com and edited by Love, who himself is a former college Music Education major, music producer and recording artist, the newsletter presents alternative and unique methods and techniques that empower musicians to succeed, as many are currently struggling financially and artistically in efforts to bring much needed attention to their music.

"Most musicians and recording artists, initially, believed that the development of the Internet and related online peripheral technologies was a Godsend and the answers to their prayers," Love says. "And, while this is true to a large degree, simultaneously, with this blessing came an unforeseen curse. As difficult as it previously was to break into the music industry as an artist in hope of attaining recognition before the existence of the Internet, this new ease of accessibility created and continues to create a new and ongoing glut of competition. And, on what is now an extremely competitive musical playing field, combined with daily upheavals and changes within the music industry, we feel that the education and alternative strategies presented through the B# Newsletter is perfectly timed as one of the missing links that will significantly determine the difference between musicians' future successes and failures in a new uncharted music industry," Love adds.

The B# Newsletter, in itself, carries a double entendre title, referring to the B# musical note as well as making reference to the age-old axiom, "Be Sharp," which means to be educated and at the top of your game, at all times.

To sign up for a free subscription, visit the home site and click on the "Musicians on B# Newsletter!" link at http://www.MuBiz.com


Kenny Love, who has served in a number of capacities in the Music industry for over twenty-five years, is also president of MuBiz.com, a music industry firm providing radio promotion, video promotion, gig promotion, media publicity and a number of administrative services for musicians, recording artists, filmmakers, film producers and authors.


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