Beyonce and 50 Cent Targets of Profound Intent

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Singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson targeted by new teen music group Profound Intent.

As the music industry prepares for a 'storm' of positive changes and influences on their younger consumers called 'Profound Intent', Singer Beyonce Knowles and Rapper Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson find themselves as targets caught in the eye of this storm. On November 27, 2006 a very controversial single entitled "Time 2 Shine" will release nationwide to radio and other outlets. The single written by establishing teen Songwriter/Performer LaPret (17) accuses 'B' and 'Fifty' of being gimmicks for major recording labels, held back from doing what's right, and selling off of what's wrong.

Profound Intent is a new teen music group emerging from the forgotten south city Washington, D.C. newly dubbed the 'District of Crank' by P.I. Their ultimate goal is to display positive self-morals for today's youth through their music, actions and affiliations. The group also aims to influence all youth to be better individuals at a time when society needs positive changes and trends the most. On their debut single release "Time 2 Sine", the teens declare that they will not contradict themselves by allowing fame, fortune, or recording executives to change their style or their intentions.

The single opens with front man LaPret saying "They can try to change me and mold me, but I refuse to be taken hostage by this corrupted industry, see I ain't afraid to do what ain't selling fifty and B [as in 50 Cent and Beyonce cuz' I've recognized the fact that little kids are watching me". There's no misinterpreting that he's saying that Beyonce and 50 Cent are influencing sex, and the use of drugs and violence because its what's selling, but Profound Intent is making music with a purpose that cannot be contradicted by the use of sex, drugs and violence as gimmicks to sell the record. These teens have realized that rather or not intentionally, everything they say or do is seen by children. "Its not a matter of who or doesn't wants to be a role model, it's the fact that in today's world children have more access to sex, drugs, and violence then adults" - says Edward Hamer, spokesperson for Profound Intent.

"These adults who are children find interest in are influencing our youth to do these bad things" says LaPret on another P.I. track that's slated for release, allegedly targeting Beyonce and 50 Cent. "These issues of the negative influence on our youth goes beyond the music industry, it stretches into the entire entertainment industry" - says LaPret on a DVD featured on P.I.'s forthcoming 2007 album release "District of Crank".

Being put on blast in the media isn't anything else but "Déjà Vu" to Beyonce and its nothing new to 50 Cent. "One day soon there will be an industry where sex, drugs, and violence aren't factors in determining record sales and ranking artist. I can see this group having an impact and at the least setting a trend for positive changes and doing more than one can say at the most" - says a local D.C. producer.

Beyonce has stated that she can't wait to hear the record, and she will be more than happy to voice her opinion on the record as soon as she does hear it, meanwhile 50 Cent is playing it cool but says he's open to any challenge and ready to destroy anyone and anything that targets him personally.

Profound Intent has stated "We are not directly targeting anyone, but we are referencing issues within the music industry that surround certain artist by their names. Those who do have such a major impact on our youth are using it for what's selling fast. If they would only wake up and realize that they're killing the youth and soon the music industry will be out of business. But they won't, so that's why P.I. is here to revamp the youth and out them into position to save themselves."

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