Jay-Z Producer Ski Beatz Partners with Former Roc-A-Fella Records Artist REBEL to Usher in a New Era in Rap

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The strategic partnership between Ski Beatz (best known for his production on Jay-Z's Reasonable doubt) and REBEL (a former Roc-A-Fella artist best remembered for his hit single We Need the Doe as a member of the group Diamonds in da Ruff) is an unbeatable blend of exceptional lyricist and innovative producer. Ski Beatz is back on the New York scene to claim his long overdue title of 'super producer' and REBEL is sure to be not only the most sought after newcomer since 50 Cent but every bit worth the hype.

Winston-Salem, NC & New York (PRWEB) October 31, 2006 -- The strategic partnership between Ski Beatz (best known for his production on Jay-Z's Reasonable doubt) and REBEL (a former Roc-A-Fella artist best remembered for his hit single We Need the Doe as a member of the group Diamonds in da Ruff) is designed to fast-track both talents to legendary status as they work together to further each other's careers.

More than just a paid endorsement it is a unique situation where two highly talented individuals with a great love for the music and a common goal have joined forces to create classic music and bring new and undervalued talent to the forefront of the game.

"The one major lesson I've learned is that surrounding yourself with good people is essential to succeed in this business. It's important that Ski believes in me and that we have a mutual respect for each other's skills," said REBEL. "The more we worked together and discussed our visions for the future and staking our claim on the titles of hip-hop elite it made the most sense to form a partnership and combine our forces. Great rappers and great producers are at their deadliest when combined for combustible results. The chemistry of my rhymes with his beats is fire. Ski is definitely one of the most slept on producers in the game and there is no doubt in my mind that the album we create together will have no problem joining the ranks of rap classics like Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic and Ready to Die."

With the steady stream of weak/safe/standard beats and the constant influx of rappers giving their best Jay-Z impression in a bid for the title the search for something that truly deserves your attention can seem daunting. Enter REBEL, who answers the question of who is the next Jay-Z while still possessing his own unique sense of style, sound and lyrical content. Instead of attempting to be a carbon copy, REBEL gives glimpses of Jay in the sense of his creativity, freshness, attitude and larger than life potential. Add to that the marketing and business sense he absorbed signed to The Roc and watching the creation of an empire and you have a bona fide star on the rise.

"I see in REBEL what I saw in Jay," said Ski. "This incredible untapped talent that is undeniably crazy and anchored by his genuine confidence and understandable cockiness. I've worked with a lot of talented artists, including the incredible talent coming out of NC and I can honestly say that for everyone who complains about what the game and the east coast in particular has been missing REBEL is the answer. He's that unique twist of veteran and fresh new rapper that gives you a heightened skill level combined with an aggressive hunger. There are a lot of hyped-up newcomers but the majority of them can't come close to touching REBEL's talent level."

To his credit Ski is already a highly accredited producer whose past accomplishments includes playing an instrumental role in advancing the career of Jay-Z with production on such classic hits as Feelin' It, Politics as Usual, Dead Presidents, 22 Two's, Who You Wit and Streets is Watching. Ski's absence on the New York scene is a direct result of his return to his hometown to focus on local talent and provide NC artists with a lane to showcase their talents, but he has never slowed down and never lost even an ounce of his talent. He has had great success working with a number of Carolina artists and getting them signed to major labels and his re-emergence is sure to send shockwaves through the industry.

Together as a team Ski and REBEL are setting out to bless rap fans with a long overdue classic album and intend to hit the ground running with the soon to be released single I'm So Hard which showcases Ski's innovative sounds and hard drumline and finds REBEL at his rawest as he demonstrates his remarkable ability to keep his sound fresh and unpredictable.


In 1990, under the direction of celebrated producer Clark Kent, Ski moved to NYC, formed the group Original Flavor and began making his mark as a lyricist and producer on songs such as Here We Go and Can I Get Open, featuring then unknown rapper Jay-Z. After two albums Original Flavor disbanded and Ski moved forward to give hip-hop fans a new raw sound they hadn't heard before. It was then that Ski and then manager Damon Dash found a unique, untapped talent in young lyricist Jay-Z. Ski would go on to be one of the largest contributors to Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, discover Camp-Lo (producing countless songs for them including wildly popular songs Luchini and Coolie High), create his own record label (Roc-a-Blok) and put his trademark sound on such hits as Who You Wit and Streets is Watching (Jay-Z), Johnny Blaze (Big Pun, Fat Joe, Method Man, Nas, The Lox) and Spend a Little Doe (Lil' Kim).

http://www.skibeatz.com or http://www.myspace.com/skibeatz


Born and raised in the streets of Harlem, NY, REBEL was first introduced to the game as a member of the Roc-A-Fella Records' group Diamonds in da Ruff. Solo now, REBEL is an artist in the truest form. There is no one emotion or lifestyle that dictates who he is. His music isn't image driven but rather a mirror of his life, so the result is material that is riddled with complexity and unpredictability. REBEL's light but aggressive voice teamed with a sort of groovy flow that fluctuates with the beat, makes a sound that is beyond compare to any other artist (signed or unsigned; major or independent) in music today. Equally intriguing is his honest look into his real person with a music that is best described as visual or reality rap. He takes you on a easily visualized journey and chronicles his life's ups and downs, allowing people on all levels to see a bit of themselves in his words. His work is motivated by his honest love for music, his high level of personal confidence and his life motto of "get it if you want it."

http://www.officialreb.com or http://www.myspace.com/officialreb


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