Spiritual Book Wins Book Award - Author Claims Spiritual Entities Wrote It

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"Wisdom's Game: How To Change Life's Pain Into Joy", by first-time author Judi Thomases, has been chosen as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Spirituality Category of the Best Books 2006 Book Awards, USABookNews.com. It is a collection of channeled spiritual teachings about mastering life's game.

"Wisdom's Game: How To Change Life's Pain Into Joy," by first-time author Judi Thomases, has been chosen as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Spirituality Category of the Best Books 2006 Book Awards, USABookNews.com. It is a collection of channeled spiritual teachings about mastering life's game.

"'Wisdom's Game' wasn't so much written," the author says, "as dictated. Most of it came into my mind mediumistically, so it kind of wrote itself. Many concepts were completely new ideas to me, so I know they didn't emanate from my everyday mind. The messages are very powerful and timely for today's world."

Advice from the Afterlife! May you live in interesting times. That's a Chinese curse. We're certainly living in "interesting," thus troubling times. Will we blow ourselves to "kingdom come" with a nuclear bomb in the hands of madmen? Will we wake up in time to change and evolve in a positive way for the human race? These are some of the issues tackled by Judi's spiritual guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers.

It all began years before when, while writing in her journal, a string of words disconcertingly entered her awareness, loudly though silently, and gave her exactly the guidance she needed for everything that was bothering her at that moment.

"A game," it said. "Life's a game. Remember. You're stuck in jail. Find the Go-Free escape card. We will help."

"What? Who will help?" she says she silently replied in amazement. "Who's talking in my head?"

Many more communiqués ensued over the next few years, until finally a complete book came forth with a message of hope and clarity for our fractured, anxious world.

"The spiritual guides want to help us evolve," Judi explains. "They say we're playing a game, that all of life is a game, and that our work now is to recognize it and figure out how to win it. That we need a certain perspective just to understand the game in general – both inner and with all of creation – that people are eternally playing. And that they'll help us gain that perspective…not only to see it, but to understand the strategy to win it."

Learn how to win your life's game right now. A mediumistic journey of enlightenment touching upon misery, despair and suffering, the End Times, the Age of Aquarius, duality, illusion, awakened consciousness, intuition and intelligent design, as presented by a nonphysical group entity (higher beings) from a multidimensional, superconscious plane who are teaching us about bliss, compassion, global mind and a new godlike, limitlessly creative view of human choice.

"I'm happy and gratified to win this award," Judi says, "and hope it helps disseminate these enlightening messages further. Spirit wants us to know that by winning the game the human race will survive and flourish, and change into a different and better type of human. They have a good sense of humor, but they're wise, calming, and dead serious!"

"Rich, original and timely, 'Wisdom's Game' offers channeled information to better our lives in all areas. Sure to resonate with fans of the Seth material." –USABookNews.com

"The reason that the soul chooses to live within a constricted pattern, instead of vast and without boundaries, is that there is more to play with when there is smallness and limitation than there is when there is hugeness and great empowerment." – Excerpt from "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases

A complete list of winners and finalists in each category can be found at: http://www.usabooknews.com/bestbooksawards2006.html.

For additional information on this book, or other writings, products and services by the author, contact Judi Thomases or visit http://www.wisdompath.com. "Wisdom's Game" is now available as a CD set, author's reading.

"Wisdom's Game: How to Change Life's Pain into Joy," by Judi Thomases and the Brotherhood of Light Workers. Published by Cypress House. ISBN 1-879384-57-4. Distributed by Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Partners/West, New Leaf. Available on WisdomsGame.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and BackoftheRoom.com.

Judi Thomases, co-host of "New Perspectives" spiritual radio show, author of "Wisdom's Game: How to Change Life's Pain into Joy," and astrologer-channeler who has studied, counseled in, taught, and written about metaphysics, astrology, Tarot, I Ching, and intuitive sciences for three decades, is the founder of a women's spiritual network for meditation, teaching, and personal development ("Goddess Gatherings"), former director of an interdisciplinary self-development center ("Mind's Eye Forum"), and a regular columnist in several magazines. She is a member of American Federation of Astrologers, National Council for Geocosmic Research (astrological), and Blue Horizons Holistic Network, and has a background of studies in Eastern philosophy and Western metaphysics, and was host of the cable show "Meet the Healers." In 1997, Judi began to "hear" the voice of her spirit guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers, who told her to expect a flow of teachings that she could use to help and heal others. A Phi Beta Kappa, her writings have been widely published and she has appeared often on radio and TV. In session, Judi delves deeply into the soul's agenda, clarifying choices.


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