Inner City Urban Youth Program CTRIBAT Cuts Teen Gun Violence By 400 Percent

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Inner City Program for At-Risk Youth reports 400 percent decrease in Gun Violence. Approximately eight weeks following the conclusion of the CTRIBAT 2006 Leadership Retreat for At-Risk Youth, the CTRIBAT Committee on Research and Assessment or CCRA filed its 2006 Summer Assessment Report on their findings from the operation of the Summer Program.

On June 17, 2006 CTRIBAT launched its 2006 Summer Leadership Retreat also know as the CTRIBAT 2006 Summer Pilot. The program began on June 24, 2006 with a four hour Parent Student Orientation and conducted nine weeks of activities that ended on August 26, 2006.

CTRIBAT established partnerships with the New Haven Police Department, Yale University Office of New Haven and State Affairs, City of New Haven, and the Stetson Public Library in order to enhance the effectiveness of the mission of CTRIBAT.

The requested Summer Pilot budget was $43,900 (approved by the CTRIBAT Board of Directors). Approximately $16,230 was raised by 18 donor sources. Approximately $10,000 of Gifts In Kind were secured from 13 donor sources. Estimated total funds secured $26,230. CTRIBAT operated on 60% of the required budget.

CTRIBAT had 55 males students ages 9 years-old to 17 years-old registered with the 2006 Summer Pilot. Of the 55 male students, 96% were African American residing in the Urban Sector and 4% were Hispanic residing in the Urban Sector. Approximately 95% of the students reside in the Dixwell Area adjacent to Yale University. This area has been deemed an Empowerment Zone (Urban Development Area open to special funding). Of the 55 male students 64% graduated from the Summer Pilot.

Of the 55 male students 71% Live in a single Parent Family and 76% reside in rental housing of which 69% receive some form of special rental assistance funding. Of the 55 male students 54.5% Live in Households where the Total Yearly Income is under $15,000. In addition, 20% Live in Households where the Total Yearly Income is under $25,000.

CTRIBAT was strategic in decreasing Recidivism in Juvenile Parole and Probation by 40% and decreasing Recidivism in Youth Incarceration by 75%.

CTRIBAT conducted three Trademark Interactive Life Skill Workshops for parents and registered students.

Gun Prevention Interactive Workshop I:

Gangs and Interpersonal Conflict Interactive Workshop II:    

Drugs Sell, Use, Abuse Interactive Workshop III:

CTRIBAT was the only youth program in the State of Connecticut to conduct workshops for parents and youth on these topics. In addition, over 30 parents and 30 students logged over 40 hours of instruction with these Interactive Workshops.

None of the 55 male students were arrested for Felony related incidents. None of the 55 male students were involved in any Firearm related incidents. Moreover, none of the students were reported as being Perpetrators of any Firearm related crimes nor were they Victims of any incidents involving Firearms.

None were arrested for an Illegal Narcotic/Drug related incidents. In the area of Domestic Violence, none of the students were arrested for any incidents of Domestic Violence. Likewise none of them were victims of Domestic Violence Incidents.

Of the 55 students, 34.5% of them attend high school. Of the 34.5% of students who attend high school, 4% of them were classified as high school dropouts prior to their involvement in the Summer Pilot. Upon completion of the Summer Pilot, CTRIBAT posted a 200% increase in high school re-enrolled.

Between June 17, 2006 and August 26, 2006 the Dixwell Avenue area termed District #6 had no reports of any other Firearm related Fatal or Non-Fatal shooting incidents. This included gang related disputes, robberies, burglaries or sexual assaults incidents in which firearms were used. Compared To 2005 during this same nine week period, District #6 posted a report of four (4) Firearm Assault Incidents which were all classified as Gang Related Shootings.

As a result of the efforts initiated and conducted by CTRIBAT and the specific strategy for the 2006 Summer Pilot to target the population of At-Risk male youth ages 14 years-old to 17 years-old created the conditions that led to the 400% reduction of Firearm Related Incidents in this Urban Sector of Dixwell Avenue. In addition, other violent crime rates in this area have been reduced as well.

In 2005 Between June 30th – August 29TH District #6 posted *4 non-fatal shootings (gang related):

$33,600m (per incident) x 4 =(Tax Payer Cost) $134, 000 CTRIBAT 2006 Data m=Gen. Investigation $7,300, Initial Crime Scene $1,300 ea, Medical Hospitalization $25, 000 ea. CTRIBAT 2006 Data

In 2006 Between June 30th – August 29TH District #6 posted *0 Firearm Assaults (gang related):

$33,600m (per incident) x 0 =(Tax Payer Cost) $0 CTRIBAT 2006 Data m=Gen. Investigation $7,300, Initial Crime Scene $1,300 ea, Medical Hospitalization $25, 000 ea. CTRIBAT 2006 Data

Recommendations: CTRIBAT recognizes that in order to begin to have a dramatic impact in reducing the incidents of Urban Violence as it relates to youth, emphasis must be placed on community collaborations to provide an unobstructed flow of resources into the Urban Sector as it related to youth development. In addition, city budgets must allow for a significantly larger increase of funding for youth programs that promote violence prevention workshops.

CTRIBAT has discovered that the Summer Leadership Retreat is very unique to the New England and Tri-States. In short, CTRIBAT is the basic training for youth & youth providers who seek to participate in mainstream youth programs.

This report was filed by CTRIBAT Committee on Research and Assessment-Abbreviation. CCRA:

Comprised of Shafiq Abdussabur, Mubarakah Ibrahim, Chip Croft, Teretha Brooks

The entire report is 60 pages and can be obtained by visiting the CTRIBAT website and making a minimum on-line donation of $30 and receive a complementary copy in an Adobe PDF.

CTRIBAT Board of Directors: Alderman Drew King, Fred Fulcher Jr. MSW. LADC., Siraaj Muhammad, Lou Ann Bohman, Jesse Hameen II, Brenda Johnson, Carl Myers.

Executive Director: Shafiq R. F. Abdussabur

Training Instructors: Officer Russell Blackwell, Officer Jason Jackson

Learn More about CTRIBAT at: http://www.CTRIBAT.ORG


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