"Today's Family" to feature South Coast Recovery

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CA transitional center helps addicted to live sober lives

PTG Studios is pleased to announce the selection of South Coast Recovery of Dana Point, CA, for its innovative, educational television series, Today's Family. The center is featured in a segment on "choosing a safe and effective recovery program" for a New Lease on Life that is currently airing on cable networks around the country.

South Coast Recovery, founded by Dennis Larkin, a former drug addict himself, is a transitional learning center for living sober. The program lasts from 90 days to two years, depending on one's progress, and includes 30 people at a time working with seven-ten staff members. Most get jobs while in the program. The desire to become sober and the willingness to stop using all mind-altering chemical substances are the most important -- and therefore the first essential steps on the road to recovery. Experience has shown that after withdrawal, recovery falls into three phases, each lasting approximately a year or more—saving your life, enjoying your life and extending your life.

South Coast is a program for the client who needs a supportive recovery environment in which to live for a period of time to readjust his/her life, a dynamic place where an individual may continue to address issues that are vital to his/her recovery. In some cases, clients just need a sober living environment to learn life skills and regain their maximum cognitive functioning, and continue to "Turn a Life Around."

Experience has shown that an extended term sober living program acts as a safety net for clients who often get "stuck" in the beginning or at three, six or nine months of sobriety. It also serves as a safe sober living place to feel and verbalize issues that have not been realized or have been inappropriate to address in an individual's life.

Their Credo is: "Without a dream a person has no purpose; without a purpose an individual has no goals; without a goal to strive towards, our life has no destination; without a destination, we just drift. Having a dream and working toward that dream gives our life a goal, a destination, a purpose, and best of all – meaning."

It is a 12-step oriented program with Christian track available, featuring weekly workshops in: Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Goal Setting, Values Clarification, Skills Development, Self-Esteem, Life Planning Skills, Relationships, Group Process, and more. South Coast also offers help with education requirements, and teaches computer literacy.

"We help people put their lives back together so they can function," said Larkin.

For more information, see http://www.southcoastrecovery.com./


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