American Dental Association Changes Stance, Adopts Natural Solutions Foundation Position: No Fluoride for Babies

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The Natural Solutions Foundation's strongly anti-fluoride position for infants and children is now echoed by the American Dental Association (ADA) which says that children under 1 year should not be exposed to fluoride. Although the US supported fluoride in infant formula during the recent Codex meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand which dealt with infant formula and other special purpose foods, using data provided by the Natural Solutions Foundation, South Africa pushed the restriction on fluoride in healthy infants' formula through, despite strong US objection. Long a proponent of fluoridation of children's teeth, the ADA joins the Natural Solutions Foundation in pointing out the dangers of the now-debunked toxin in infant's bodies. CCNFSDU will bring its new recommendation prohibiting the addition of fluoride in formula for normal infants to the Codex Alimentarius Commission for approval in July, 2007 although, thanks to US pressure, the toxic metal is still permitted by Codex in the formula of sick children.

The conservative American Dental Association (ADA) altered its position on fluoride for babies to align with the strong opposition of fluoride for babies adopted by the Natural Solutions Foundation. The ADA now recommends that babies younger than one year should not be exposed to fluoride either in water or as an ingredient in fluoride since it causes dental fluorosis (discoloration and weakening of teeth), now classified by the National Research Council as a major health problem. The Natural Solutions Foundation presented formal comments urging the US to oppose the use of fluoride in infant formula prior to the meeting of the Codex Committee on Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU, October 30-November 3, 2006, Chiang Mai, Thailand). Although the US delegate, Dr. Barbara Schneeman, who works for the FDA, vigorously supported the Codex recommendation that babies be exposed to fluoride, South Africa, using the data supplied by the Natural Solutions Foundation in its official comments on the topic, successfully beat back this toxic threat to healthy bottle fed infants. Dr. Schneeman did manage, however, to keep potassium and calcium fluoride compounds in formula for sick babies.

Including this toxic metal in food received by any babies is, according to both the recent ADA position statement and the Natural Solutions Foundation's one as well, a grave mistake which poses significant danger to babies in both the long and short term. On November 9, an ADA email alert advised dentists that "fluoridated water should not be mixed into concentrated formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger" and that babies could receive a greater than optimal amount of fluoride from formula mixed with fluoridated water. ADA listed dangers to babies of dental fluorosis, a discoloration and weakening of teeth but did not specifically point to similar damage to bone which occurs at the same time and in the same dosage ranges. The Natural Solutions Foundation ( went further, documenting the serious dangers of fluoride consumption to which infants are even more susceptible than older children and adults. This documentation was presented to the United States before the CCNFSDU meeting without impact on the US position. Other countries, however, rallied around the dangers so clearly present in fluoride and pushed the change through CCNFSDU which resulted in the ban being brought forward on infant formula for healthy children. These dangers include immune suppression, bone cancer, leukemia, brain and other solid malignant tumors, calcification of the pineal gland, neurological damage, increased dental caries, reproductive and other hormonal problems, increase (synergistic) toxicity of other poisons such as aluminum and a host of other serious and life threatening diseases and conditions. In fact, because of the interactive increase in toxicity of aluminum in the presence of fluoride, the combination is associated with increased neurological damage, behavioral changes and toxic neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's Disease.

Water is often treated not only with fluoride but with aluminum salts as well to give it an extra shine and sparkle. Two thirds of all bottled water in the US has added fluoride while some is sold with specific FDA-approved recommendations to use for mixing infant formulas. Fluoridation of water is based on an outmoded belief that fluoridation of water or teeth led to decreased dental cavities (caries). Later research, however, and subsequent reexamination of the original data showed that the published study of the results of the fluoridation study which served as the justification for wide spread fluoridation was seriously flawed. EPA scientists, among others, have called for an end to fluoridation of water since its use is not justified by dental or other science. Despite that, the FDA recently permitted an increase in the permitted levels of fluoride in foods, from pesticide sprays and approved claims for fluoridated bottled water as a preventive measure for tooth decay.

Fluoride's use in water began under the Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin. In the Gulags or prison camps, political prisoners who were given water with fluoride in it to drink were complacent and placid. The effect was noted and later reproduced by the Nazis in the drinking water provided to people in the death and slave labor camps. Many health freedom advocates question not only the use of a deadly poison with well documented health dangers across the population spectrum, but the use of a dangerous and behavioral numbing chemical in the nation's water supply.

Despite years of contrary propaganda, the ADA now admits that dental fluoride concentrations are not related to a decrease in dental caries, that the National Research Council cites serious problems with fluoride in its report on the topic and agrees with the Natural Solutions Foundation's suggested ban on fluoridation, at least for infants. The New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation ( ) notes "The Environmental Protection Agency is required to consider the most vulnerable populations when setting allowable water fluoride levels. To protect babies, allowable water fluoride levels must be near zero.

The Environmental Working Group analyzed government data in March 2006 and found that babies are over-exposed to fluoride in most major U.S. cities" (

The World Health Organization, too, recommends that bottle fed babies drink formula mixed in fluoride free water.

Although the Natural Solutions Foundation is sharply critical of most of Codex' decisions, its decision to follow South Africa's lead and ban fluoride at least in formula for healthy infants shows what strong pro-health leadership inside Codex can accomplish. Next tasks, according to Natural Solutions Foundation leaders, include getting all fluoride out of the world standard for infant formula and making sure that no one in the US is exposed to a known carcinogen and multisystem poison.


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