Author, Fitness Expert Tells How Training Book Helps Identify Muscular-Skeletal Markers for Making Personal Routine

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In his new book 'Burke's Law A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male,' Paul Burke gives details so that every man can unleash that great warrior body that lie waiting inside; waiting to be woken up. Every man has a great body waiting to surface from beneath layers of years of poor choices. Each man owes it to himself and his health-care system to take care of that body.

In his new book 'Burke's Law A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male,' Paul Burke gives details so that every man can unleash that great warrior body that lie waiting inside; waiting to be woken up.

Fitness and health Expert Paul Burke believes that every man has a great physique just waiting to be seen and used for good health and longevity. He also believes that every man owes it to himself and the long line of great warriors who came long ago to push our evolution forward; that to work toward a big and strong body is part of a man's right of passage and a long life. Burke who is now 51 years old age, battles with the constant reminder of how cruel and tough life can be living with his painful Multiple Sclerosis

Why don't men after age 50 work out and control their eating habits? Burke believes there are many reasons, but in his new book, Burke's Law A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male, he gives details so that every man can unleash that great warrior body that lie waiting inside; waiting to be woken up. "The book," Burke says, "gives explicit instructions how to work your body; and here I have laid out a few of the simplest rules to follow."

"First," Burke begins, "Each of us has a unique muscular-skeletal make-up and therefore, each of us has a very specific set of exercises that we must discover that works for our individually unique body and thus, unique individual body parts." "The following are the most important rules to remember when devising a "natural" routine that will just flow together and allow you to reach your maximum muscle potential in a very short period of time," Burke says with confidence. "In the book, I explain how to find all of the answers to each of these precise rules of "The Law."

1.Since no two bodies are the same; no two work outs should be the same. When you find exercises that give you what I call, a "Bio-mechanical Leverage Advantage"; then stick with them. They will begin your new journey in opening the key to muscular potential and success.

2.To find the right exercises, you must experiment with them all, for each body part, in order to find which one(s) give you the most leverage advantage, the one that you can fatigue your muscle to failure, but without moving out of your perfect form. While for years bodybuilders trumpeted the sounds of free weights clanging against each other as the holy grail and homily of muscle building; it can now be said, since I have proven it, that any specific machine, cables, or an entire line of various resistance devices may give you (anyone) a better chance at isolation, creating Maximum Muscular Stimulation (MMS) and therefore reach peak conditioning faster, with less time spent in the gym than your peers who are stuck in the "Old Paradigm" of training with heavy free-weights, no matter how often they are nursing injuries and no matter how far they lag in muscle hypertrophy to someone who is following these simple rules that are in part, pieces to my life's work that I call "Burke's Law."

3. This part of "The Law" is a simple one, but requires great dedication and great focus on whether certain weight machines are giving you more chance to reach MMS (Maximum Muscular Stimulation) than using free weights. One does this by following the guidelines in my book; however nothing trumps how an exercise "feels" when you are executing it properly and you find "the groove." "If it feels just right; then don't ask why; "just do it." As any good doctor would take a patients verbal results over blood work when titrating a new thyroid medication; so too is it with finding the best exercise for each individual body part.

4. Supplementary to this concept; is the ideology that there is no such thing as a "standard range of motion"; rather, the range should be a compromise of a matter of inches that will set you apart from being able to reach MMS with any given exercise or not. This compromise has to do with the area in which you can complete the perfect repetitions to the point of the isolated muscle brought to failure without stopping; but yet, not giving away total muscle engagement, nor giving a way that injuries may creep in. There is a very fine line between your perfect range of motion; and one that is either too short (or made too easy); and, that which is too difficult and thus you cannot reach MMS because the chosen exercise range of motion is too difficult to master with the weight needed to create MMS.

5. When assessing your body parts, realize that some may indeed be perfect for standard free weights and their standard old paradigm parameters---and you should go right after them and if they feel good, stick with them. If, however, you find that free weights and the standard range of motion does not work, this is when "The Law," is applied and it helps you identify which exercise is best for that particular body-part.

6. Truly stubborn muscles, or muscles (any given body part) that have what I call a multiplication of leverage disadvantages, may have to be given "The Law" parameters and plain "trial and error" to find the right exercise. If you possess a multiplication of disadvantages; this is the best time to change "range of motion."

7. Finally, finding the optimum exercises for each body part will not be an easy endeavor, so once you find them, stick with them and never change. I know that contemporary thinking is that your muscles will get "use" to exercises and you must change the exercises to "fool" your muscles, or to "shock" them." This is "Old Paradigm" thinking. If you are lucky enough to find exercises that are working right for you; why would you change? This is absolutely foolish and not logical thinking. It would be like spending twenty years in art school; learning to draw all the classic, basic forms and then spend another ten years refining your art so as to create your own "style," ala, Picasso, or Monet.

Then, just when you have found the perfect form; you change? Absurd. When you find exercises that are working, stay with them and add on the weight and the intensity if you want to "shock" the muscles. The idea is to stimulate them each time either with more intensity, more reps, or more weight. Your muscle will grow to its maximum natural potential much faster this way than if you continue to change every three months, never really knowing what is working and what isn't. There are only a few exercises that will work for each muscle group, for each person (to perfection); so, find them and stick with them---I guarantee that you will hit your peak within a few years--then it's all maintenance after that, for a truly natural body will only grow so big; however, there can never be enough separation and density, so keep that intensity high when you feel it. Stand out from the crowd, and don't let age be a deterrent for you to until you have the greatest natural body in your gym; your state; your country: the world. Go for it! Train like a champion today.

"Burke's Law," A New fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male can be bought at http://www. http://www.Barnes& and almost all online bookstores. Paul Burke can be reached at

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