New Book: Rogue Drug Chemist Slays Big Pharma with Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Organic chemist Shane Ellison releases "Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition."

Organic chemist Shane Ellison has learned firsthand that science no longer prevails in medicine. He insists that approval by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists is a simple matter of a majority ruling (51% telling the other 49%) that prescription drugs are safe and necessary. He says voting in medicine is fueled by wealth, not science.

The end result has been health tyranny -- one nation, under drugs. Shane says such tyranny has led to an estimated 200,000 deaths and 1.5 million injuries per year. Shane’s new book, "Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition," aims to expose this sordid fact to the rest of America.

Reintroducing education, therapeutic nutrition, and choice to health care, "Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition" is liberating thousands of courageous and forward-thinking individuals. The general public as well as health-care leaders have used it to resist the current of greed that strives to push them toward prescription drug servitude. The end result has been health freedom -- a vibrantly healthy life independent of prescription drugs.

"Shane Ellison's book, 'Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition' is a must for any chiropractor that wants to share the truth about our present day health care system. His attention to research makes it impossible to dismiss as hearsay."

  • Dan Murphy DC, Vice President International Chiropractors Association

“Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition needs to be read by all. It gives pertinent information on why many toxic drugs that are commonly prescribed need to be avoided.”

  • David Brownstein MD, Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine, West Bloomfield, MI

For those people who have a “pharmaceutical bullet” in their head and follow doctor’s orders by taking cholesterol and blood pressure lowering drugs, Shane says this book will remove it with surgical precision. Readers will never see medicine the same -- and they’ll be healthier for it!

"Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition" is more than a book. With surging momentum it has become a movement -- a movement away from FDA approved drug addiction and away from medical doctors who dictate that one-drug-fits-all. Most important, it’s a movement away from complex, obscure health ideas and toward common sense which asserts

that, except for emergency medicine, very few prescription drugs have value and those which do can usually be replaced with safer, less expensive natural medicine.

A fast, informative and entertaining read, "Health Myths Exposed 2nd Edition" is a rhetorical weapon of mass destruction. Shane says that with this book in hand, you stand at the threshold of the most sweeping health revolution in history -- a revolution where casualties will not be the FDA approved drug users but, instead, the careers of corporate drug pushers.

Shane Ellison is a graduate of Fort Lewis College and earned a masters degree from Northern Arizona University in organic chemistry. After graduating he pursued a career in drug design for Array BioPharma via collaborations with Eli Lilly. He founded HealthFX Nutraceuticals ( and is an internationally recognized authority on therapeutic nutrition. His biggest achievement: A proud husband and father of two children. Get his Life Saving Health Briefs and Real Natural Cures free at

"HME 2nd Edition" is available at or

(An electronic copy of the book is available to reporters and media upon request. Send email to service @


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