Biofriendly's Green Plus Achieves Significant Reductions in Emissions While Improving Fuel Economy

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Beijing Automobile Research Institute tests liquid fuel catalyst

These test results from a certified national laboratory further confirm the worldwide benefits of our Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst

Certified tests by the Beijing Automobile Research Institute conducted on a 4-cylinder passenger automobile, showed significant reductions in harmful emissions as well as a substantial improvement in fuel economy when using biofriendly Corporation's Green PlusTM liquid fuel combustion catalyst. Test results showed reductions of 29.7% in carbon monoxide, 27.9% in total hydrocarbons, 28.2% in nitrogen oxides and 10.1% in carbon dioxide. At the same time fuel consumption decreased by 6.4%. The tests were performed on a Clayton ECE-50 chassis dynamometer using a 2002 China FAW passenger car as the test vehicle.

"These test results from a certified national laboratory further confirm the worldwide benefits of our Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst," said Robert Carroll, Chairman and CEO of Biofriendly. "We're pleased with the results from China's automobile test laboratory. By adding Green Plus to the fuel, we are striving to attain emissions levels that are similar to the 'ultra clean' fuels found in areas such as California and Scandinavia. Green Plus provides more complete combustion, which lowers emissions, increases power and improves fuel economy. More complete combustion also helps improve the performance and extend the life of other systems, such as catalytic converters on automobiles and exhaust gas re-circulation and particulate traps on trucks to achieve the lower emissions governments are seeking."

Under development for over 10 years, Green Plus is a new product that employs nanotechnology (working at the molecular level) to achieve a breakthrough combination of improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Green Plus is a liquid combustion catalyst that is added in very small quantities to fuel in order to create a more complete, cooler and more linear burn. The product has undergone rigorous testing in the United States and Europe, and has over 75 million miles of on-road/on-ocean use. Green Plus is now available commercially worldwide.

About Biofriendly Corporation

Biofriendly Corporation has introduced Green Plus, a liquid fuel combustion catalyst, the world's most effective solution for significantly improving fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions. Green Plus is designed for use in diesel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon-based fuels. This patent-pending product was invented by the same innovators who created Vortoil, the award-winning oil-water separator for offshore oil production.

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