GridNetworks Streaming Internet Video Platform Offers Alternative to YouTube, BitTorrent and the Venice Project

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GridNetworks solution challenges YouTube, BitTorrent and the Venice Project by offering new full-screen, streaming Internet video in a rights-protected environment

GridNetworks' GridCasting is a new content delivery approach that gives broadband users immediate access to full-screen, DVD-quality video.

GridNetworks, a leading developer of streaming media technology and services, recently unveiled the GridCast™ Platform, a new system that provides instant-on, full-screen, DVD-quality streaming Internet video to broadband-connected viewers worldwide. Two sites using this breakthrough technology include the GW Channel and ReelTime Rentals.

"With GridNetworks, consumers will no longer have to watch videos in tiny windows that re-buffer or wait hours for movies to download," said Jeff Payne, co-founder and chief executive officer of GridNetworks. "GridNetworks' GridCasting is a new content delivery approach that gives broadband users immediate access to full-screen, DVD-quality video."

Web delivery of movies to consumers has been hindered by security concerns, limits on the number of simultaneous viewers and high network costs. The GridCast Platform was specifically designed to meet the security, scalability and cost requirements of content owners, distributors and digital media device manufacturers.

GridCasting overcomes the challenges faced by both content delivery networks (CDNs) such as Akamai and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software solutions such as BitTorrent. While CDNs like Akamai can provide secure distribution of content, their hardware-based delivery systems are expensive and fail to provide the delivery speed or reliability required to provide a reasonable alternative to conventional broadcast video distribution. P2P solutions such as BitTorrent offer an inexpensive way to move complete video files, but fail to provide on-demand streaming, speedy and dependable file delivery, or a content security model video asset owners demand. The benefits of other solutions, such as the one promised by the Venice Project, are still unclear.

GridCasting is hybrid solution that combines best-of-breed CDN technologies with GridCast software to create a cost-effective, secure and reliable video delivery environment. GridNetworks' approach is a new video delivery paradigm in which each participating computer becomes part of a vast, managed content distribution grid, optimized to securely deliver video data directly to the viewer's screen. This "Software CDN" approach creates a vast, global network of mini-servers to redistribute video segments, providing overall network capacity, delivery speed and reliability far greater than traditional CDNs. In addition to dramatically increasing the effective distribution network size, the GridCast Platform maintains centralized command-and-control of valuable video assets and has the industry's toughest content security proposition.

"With GridNetworks, mainstream studios, independent movie producers and niche content providers can securely stream Internet video to global audiences numbering in the millions at a very competitive price," Payne said. "Video has long been the medium of choice for consumers. GridNetworks' GridCasting technology will level the distribution playing field for thousands of web sites that want to distribute high-quality video."

About GridNetworks

GridNetworks is a leading developer of streaming media services that offer digital media companies an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver high-quality video and feature-length films. GridNetworks combines best-of-breed Internet technologies with proprietary software, processes and management capabilities to create a highly secure and reliable delivery environment for digital content. GridNetworks is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington. For more information about GridNetworks, please visit link:

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