Chad-Love Begins Raising Money Towards His Future Historical Holocaust Music Video, "Ghettocaust"

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To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the birth of Israel, Political Disco-House Rapper Chad Love hits the road to raise money for his future Ghettocaust Music Video that focuses on past and present political and cultural views of Jewish history.

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Hip-Hop is not about the color or the money you have but the story you're able to tell by twisting the reality into a fantasy world for your audience to understand.

Evol Records announced today that Chad Love will begin production of his latest music video "Ghettocaust" in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state, telling the story of the Jewish peoples' long spiritual and cultural journey home. It speaks of the atrocities that the Jewish people endured during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, asks us to never forget what happened there, warning that if we grow complacent, it could happen again, and rejoices in their singular strength, compassion and determination. It is his personal mission to pass on the history of the Jewish people using this creative format to the most precious possession we have. Love plans to seek investor funding to create this lasting legacy.

Please take the time to experience and read about the comments Chad Loves "Ghettocaust" Song has started to create:

"Ghettocaust" is an original song written by Chad Love, one of the first Jewish Political Rappers. Love uses the guttural style and feel of Hip Hop to convey the deepest feelings about that horrific time in the history of civilization. The 4:15 video takes us on a FX-driven journey from the Holocaust through April 1947 with the creation of the state of Israel to the present and the struggle to unite a diverse people and find a way to live in peace, harmony and with security.

In this, the beginning of the 21st Century, it is all too easy to forget what happened over 60 years ago in Europe. The goal of the leaders of Germany was to exterminate the Jewish people from the earth. To this end, the Jews were restricted to specific area within the borders of European cities, known as Ghettos. From these isolated area, the Jewish families were shipped to concentration camps all over Eastern Europe with names like Aushcwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and many others. There, over six million innocents were murdered.

"There have been several big budget and independently produced movies and TV shows attempting to educate people and remind them about the events that happened in the Holocaust. Like many American Jews, I lost family members in this past historical catastrophe. I was also able to speak with my grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, about this disaster as it unfolded in her eyes, devastating moment by devastating moment. Before she died, she permanently ingrained the images of those years in my memory so that I will never need to see a movie to remember. This topic is a moving and emotional part of me every single day, just as it is for many people around the world, Jews and Non-Jews that value life and freedom," said Chad Love. "This is an important project that needs to be done. I am confident that there are many other like-minded individuals that will feel the same -- and demonstrate that desire by investing their dollars in the project.

"I was motivated to create Ghettocaust to allow people to focus on the visions and feeling they have in their heart rather than what is fed to them in TV or movie screens. Ghettocaust, a slow paced hip-hop song version. The greatest reward of this song is watching people listen and to my music while tears slowly fall down their faces as they experience the emotions of what people felt like in those fateful years. I am proud to be the first and only artist to announce that every time you say the world ghetto, to remember to pay homage to the Jewish people who lived in the first ghettos. This song is meant to forever keep alive the memory of our friends, family and loved ones that perished in the mid 20th century. It is also a tribute to the bravery and selflessness of all those that lived and died in this time period. If I put down my microphone today I feel I have left behind something that will only be appreciated more and more year after year from this date on."

Three-time Emmy winner Earl Bateman will direct the music video. Complete bio and reel is available upon request.

About Chad Love

Chad Love is the next generation in the ever-growing disco-house game. After years of researching and experiencing the music and the Industry, Love has launched a new and fresh style, hip-house, upon the music world. Chad Love does not restrict himself to a single technique when taking control of the microphone, he is a chameleon who has the ability to make you laugh, cry and be energized through his creative lyrics, unique personal style and positive beats. Visit the website at or

Love's mission is to attempt to break the walls down on segregation within this industry. The quest of the unstoppable "Cross-Over" where all ethic backgrounds can take center stage in creating new visions using past inspiration in the hip-hop world. Love quotes, "Hip-Hop is not about the color or the money you have but the story you're able to tell by twisting the reality into a fantasy world for your audience to understand."


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