New Year's Resolutions On January 1 Are For Wimps--Make A December 1 Resolution To Not Get Fat Says Anti-Obesity Advocate MeMe Roth

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Realistic Tips for Not Gaining Weight This Holiday. -- As the 2006 holiday season hits full speed, Anti-Obesity Advocate and National Action Against Obesity President, MeMe Roth suggests forgoing the time-honored tradition of January 1 New Year Resolutions and instead making the commitment December 1 to not gain weight.

"The holiday season--otherwise known as the 'eating season'--is at full speed. Having kicked off with Halloween and picked up steam on Thanksgiving, we have nothing but shameless noshing ahead for the rest of 2006," said MeMe Roth, anti-obesity advocate and president of National Action Against Obesity, an anti-obesity advocacy group. "We cannot go into December with the defeatist attitude that we're destined to gain weight; Americans are too fat already. Sure, join the gym January 1st, but join it at the weight you are today. If you're in credit-card debt, stop shopping and start saving. If you're in obesity-debt, stop eating and start moving. New Year's Resolutions on January 1 are for wimps. Make a December 1 Resolution to not get fat."

Today, MeMe Roth shares tips on how to Keep Your December 1 Resolution to Not Gain Weight this Holiday Season:

1- Plan What You'll "Do" to Celebrate, Not What You'll "Eat"

The holidays frequently afford extra time with family and loved ones. Use that time doing activities together to build lifetime memories, or possibly to start new traditions. Check listings for fun-runs and 5K walks scheduled throughout the winter weekends. Coordinate your own "snow bowl" touch football game. Walks, bike rides, holding hands while window-shopping all burn calories and create bonds rather than bulge. Instead of reminiscing about a perfect pot roast, wax poetic about snowflakes, ice skates and carriage rides. Winter is perfect for romance. Consider snuggling by the fire rather than bellying up to yet another buffet.

2- Avoid Saboteurs

Many will wish you well--just as they offer you yet another heaping helping of stuffing, candied yams and latkes. Watch out for friends and colleagues. They're quick to extend holiday greetings with a bounty full of fudge, home-baked cookies and indulgent treats, but what they're really offering you is the fast-track to diabetes. The majority of us in the U.S. is overweight--the majority--and further endangering our lives over the holidays is no way to celebrate life, blessings or the promise of a new year. Shake it off. No cake, cookie or pie at an office party or neighborhood potluck will be the last chance you'll ever have to eat it. Pick one thing that you'd rate a 10, and allow yourself just that. Obviously don't go overboard with alcohol--it's empty and expensive calories. And yes, a raised eyebrow is the proper reception to a so-called friend bearing high-fat, high-risk gifts. She may simply be re-gifting to get the fat out of her house.

3- It's the Holidays--Remember the Kiddies

While you pig-out, don't forget your children are watching. Study after study shows the overwhelming impact of parental modeling; i.e., If you pig-out, they'll pig-out. If you allow food to put your health at risk, well so will junior and princess. According to studies, children of the obese are 15 times more likely to battle weight as well. Enough said.

Ignore these tips and eat into oblivion? "Aside from the guilt and possible expensive visit to the tailor, you've now gained weight that you'll likely never lose. Study after study shows that even if you lose extra fat, your entire system fights to gain it back, and you'll likely do so within two years--and worse--you'll probably gain even more. That's no way to start 2007," adds Roth.

About MeMe Roth

MeMe Roth, president and founder of National Action Against Obesity, is host and organizer of the Wedding Gown Challenge, where women enter into marriage at a healthy weight and maintain it for a lifetime. As an anti-obesity advocate, Ms. Roth's efforts to eliminate junk food from schools, eradicate 2nd-Hand Obesity and to celebrate women committed to remaining fit have been featured on FOXNews' The O'Reilly Factor w/ Bill O'Reilly, Your World with Neil Cavuto, CBS's The Early Show, The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Post, Playboy Magazine, The New Jersey Star-Ledger, TimeOut New York, Big Apple Parent, WABCRadio, 106.7 LiteFM, Q104.3, Parents Magazine, Vicinity Magazine, Suburban Essex Magazine, School Administrator, American School Board Journal, The Winnipeg Sun, UPN Channel 9 News, News Target,, The Item, WCRN Boston, BigFatBlog, Nippon TV, The Associated Press and Health Magazine. Ms. Roth's agenda: "Let's finally recognize obesity as abuse--abuse of children, abuse of ourselves--and together take action against it."


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