Liberate Software Releases LibSafe to Help Companies Protect Vital Data

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Recent press reports have highlighted the potential serious harm that can be caused by the loss of an organisation's vital information due to theft of a computer, hacking into a computer or damage to a computer. LibSafe allows executives to keep their laptops free of confidential information, yet access this information where ever they are.

Liberate Software Limited has launched the LibSafe service, which provides secure access to information, either for an individual executive or a project team.

Loss of an organisation's vital information due to theft of the computer, hacking into the computer or damage to the computer has the potential to cause serious harm.

It is becoming increasingly recognised that the use of a laptop in the corporate environment, while being very convenient, also increases risks to a company because of the nature and volume of information that might be held on the computer.

Information that is keyed into the LibSafe store is encrypted as it is entered and passes over the Internet to an extremely secure database for future access. Documents and other files (e.g. images) are uploaded and stored in an encrypted format on the LibSafe database, providing a secure way to hold information for access when required. There is an option to download information securely to a portable device.

The LibSafe service therefore allows executives to securely store documents, retrieve and process them whenever they need to, knowing that access is restricted to authorised personnel only, and they are not held in a location which is vulnerable to loss or damage. Consequently when travelling with a laptop an executive can keep the laptop free of important information. Alternatively there is no need to take a computer at all if it is known that there will be access to one at the executive's destination. No software will be loaded onto the "guest" computer used by the executive who will be able to leave the computer as he found it.

The LibSafe website offers an introduction to the LibSafe Service.


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