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Total Marketing System is a group of Internet marketing consultants who established their online presence in August of 2006. They recemtly introduced in December of 2006 their small business consulting program to help small business establish their online presence. They also help Internet Marketers increase their sales and onine presence.

The most important news for Total Marketing System is they now have introduced a program to help small businesses establish their online presence and unveiled this new feature December 15th, 2006

Total Marketing system is a team of marketing consultants each of whom has a specialty in certain marketing niches and they help both people make money in Internet Marketing and they also do consultant work for small businesses. marketers. They're a pretty dynamic and eclectic group of individuals who came together out of necessity and now are helping people succeed online. Google made some monumental changes that affected a lot of people and they're up to date on how to deal with those changes. This puts them above the rest of the field of marketers that are selling products and ideas that worked in the past. Many people who were making decent incomes online the past few years were put out of business because they weren't keeping up with the trends and technologies. The rules of Internet Marketing are always changing so what worked yesterday may not work today.

The motto/slogan from their website proclaims "Join Our Team- You Will Succeed". That sums up what they're doing; bringing people into the system, creating teams of marketers, and helping them succeed. They're giving advice on Web design, SEO, Success Coaching, and How-to tutorials on Internet marketing. Some of their clients don't have any knowledge of how to market online, so Total Marketing System helps them via education and placement into marketing teams that feed off each other's group knowledge. They have training calls, videos, and focus on building team and mastermind groups.

The president and founder Daniel McGonagle saw the need for a consultant company to help Internet marketers and smal businesses establish the online presence. The combined body of knowledge these consultants possess evolved into the consultant format that is currently in use. Team-building is a new concept for many in Internet marketing. The team based approach is gaining wide acceptance online because it its getting more difficult to make money in the Internet Marketing niche and people are having a tough time keeping up with the rapid pace of change. Individual operations are becoming a thing of the past, as there is more work to be done than a single person can manage. Team building has sprung up as a grassroots necessity, and Total Marketing System uses this philosophy to help small business owners also. To the small business owner who needs to get online sales, they can expect to receive a complete infrastructure buiolt fo rthem which includes a fully designed and functional website, a sales page, autorespionder setup, and professionally written press releases and email ads that will get sent out to their target audience.

Another thing they seem to be doing is going outside of the Internet Marketing niche and showing people how to turn a hobby into a business. They take their clients' passions and turn them into profitable enterprises. Total Marketing System is specializing in creating successful businesses plans and helping their clients implement them. In general, there is a very high attrition rate with the average Internet marketer so they help people grow a small income into a large rone.

Total Marketing System leaders pre-screen many of their clients by telling them about all the work they need to do in their business. This is a big reason why their clientele has such a good success ratio. They've compiled all the resources need for Internet marketers and small businesses to succeed in generatin gincome from the Internet. They teach their clients that they need to create their own websites, have their own products in order to be self-sustainng members of the Internet marketing industry. However, they also offer their Internet Marketing a way to make money right away and offer 2 solutions, a feeder program and a high-end affiliate program. The feeder program is called Success Synergy Systems and seems to be where most of their clientelle is starting off when they come into the system. As their clients grow in knowledge, experience and marketing skills they start making sales in the high-end program called Coastal Vacations. Coastal Vacations is a stable promotional travel program that has been around for 13 years and pays out big dvidends to its members. Both of these programs were hand-picked by Total Marketing System because they fit perfectly into their philosophy of creating successful marketers through team-building and education. The dozens of current satisfied members give an early indication that the program is meeting members expectations, and that the program has a bright future.

The small buisness consulting program has worked well for the "beta" clients tested so far. They've successfully establish their online presence and have seen their sales increase dramatically.

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