Aerodyne Alloys Develops New Program that Guarantees Delivery of High Temp Specialty Alloys in 24 Hours

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High Temperature Alloys are the most critical concern for machine shops. Aerodyne Alloys developed a program that guarantees delivery of nickel, cobalt, titanium and stainless steal in 24 hours.

It's expressed many ways: High Temp Metals / High Temp Alloys / High Temp Specialty Alloys / Specialty Steel Alloys, but however it's expressed, getting the needed alloys is the most critical concern of machine shops. Aerodyne Alloys has developed a program that guarantees delivery of its high temp specialty alloys in 24 hours. The company has perfected a highly detailed inventory system called PICM Proprietary Inventory Control Management system that tracks not only in-house inventory but tracks shipments and availability of its mill inventory. "The whole purpose of developing PICM is so the customer doesn't have to overbuy, or even stock. PICM is their inventory system," commented Greg Chase, Aerodyne's President.

Whether it's Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium, Stainless, Hastelloy® or Inconel ® 718/625, the AMS specs most required in high temp specialty alloys are the focus of PICM. "We are looking at this from a unique perspective. It's our responsibility turn AMS codes into productive strategies for customers," said Jeff Adams, Inside Sales Manager at Aerodyne Alloys.

Aerodyne's survey has uncovered that the most often required high temp specialty metals can be grouped as follows:

Inconel ® 718/625

AMS 5599 / 625

AMS 5666 / 625

AMS 5596 / 718

AMS 5662 / 718


AMS 5542 X-750

AMS 5598 X-750

AMS 5732 A-286

AMS 5872 C-263

AMS 5888 617




AMS 5510 321

AMS 5645 321

AMS 5512 347

AMS 5646 347


AMS 5608 188

AMS 5772 188


AMS 5537 L-605

AMS 5759 L-605


AMS 5536 HX

AMS 5754 HX


AMS 4928 / TI 6/4

The alloys industry has developed out of a long history of improvement. High temp alloys which were originally designed to maintain strength above room temperature, generally fulfill requirements for 500°F to 2300°F environments. Alloying elements added to conventional stainless steels to improve properties at elevated temperatures. Originally driven by Aerospace developments, high temp alloys have now expanded their usefulness in many other categories. High temp alloys play a major role in many demanding industries today. Product availability is a critical challenge.

Aerodyne Alloys is a leading supplier and processor of high temp specialty alloys serving Aerospace, Defense, Power Generation, Medical, Petrochemical and MRO. Aerodyne Alloys also operates warehouses on the east and west coasts.

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