Southwind Plastics' FJ Cruiser, Hummer and Jeep Tire Covers Sold Only Through Authorized Dealers

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Southwind Plastics' FJ Cruiser tire cover line, Hummer and Jeep tire covers will be sold through authorized Toyota, GM and Chrysler dealers. The new Polypro(TM) black ice and the clear Polypro-2(TM) tire covers will not be sold on the Internet, mail or direct.

Southwind Plastics' tire cover line will be sold only through authorized Toyota FJ cruiser, GM Hummer and Chrysler Jeep dealers in a unique approach to the after market. The name of this marketing program is D.O.M. which is an acronym for dealer oriented manufacture.

Southwind Plastics believes in the dealer and wants its unique line of tire covers sold through the FJ Cruiser, Hummer and Jeep dealer. Southwind does business with authorized dealers that display its products to the consumer, and sell its products with the vehicles or upgrade the customer to the new Polypro™ in an after market sale. When the customer drives out with their new FJ, Hummer or Jeep, Southwind Plastics loves to see what it considers the best tire cover on the market today on the back of that vehicle.

"Most companies sell to the Internet companies and it is tempting to sell into that market, but then we looked at the market and found many of the tire covers that sold on the Internet were being sold out of people's houses with no real company behind the site", stated Wes Schneider, the president of Southwind Plastics. After very careful review and looking at the Internet, we believe we need to have our product seen by the consumer live, up close and in person.

Many of the Internet companies selling tire covers have them dropped shipped by the manufacturer, and that's not the market we want to be part of or how we want our Polypro™ line of tire covers distributed, further stated Wes Schneider, the President of Southwind Plastics. The Polypro™ has been worked on for the past 18 months of my life, and it is very important to us and the future of the company. We want to help insure that future through the dealer who sells the vehicle not someone who throws a web site together and calls themselves an expert.

Many factory seconds or blems are sold through the Internet, and Southwind Plastics just does not have any factory seconds. If a tire cover is not a first line product, it is rejected and reground to powder and reprocessed back to a polymer bead.

With more dollars being spent in the after market products for the FJ Cruiser, Hummer and Jeep today, the POLYPRO™ line of tire covers will be available nationwide very shortly and only through a local dealer. If the dealer has a Web site, it can be sold there, but the dealer must follow MAPP pricing, which keeps the marketing level.

The in-house graphic department at Southwind Plastics is working with the dealers on dealer branding programs every day, and with the new Roland wide format printer and the new high speed silk screen ink printer, thermo-graphics and die sublimation, the results are not only outstanding, but truly the best tire cover manufactured today.

In weather testing, the Southwind tire covers, both in extreme heat and cold, tested number one in the plastic tire covers tested. Southwind Plastics tested four brands and found the mill thickness on three out of four to be less than Southwind's; hence, you get the fluttering and bowing that the consumer has complained about. Further the UV inhibitor factor plays a factor in the non whiting of the Polypro material.

If a company starts with the best plastic and fabrications methods are sound, then you end up with a superior product. The new Polypro is a blended Polymer and has gone through extensive environmental testing(elements), wear testing and usage tests. Southwind Plastics believes it is the best plastic tire cover made today if a person looks at all factors.

Southwind Plastics' new black ice has a suggested retail of $160.00, which is similar to many of the plain tire covers that are not color embossed and matched to the vehicle color. Southwind does not paint its tire covers as painting on plastic has had problems in the past and still does.

The plastic needs to be completely prepped like Aires off-road does with its steel tire cover, and then painted, which we are finding plastic tire cover manufacturers are not doing, as it costs more money and takes two extra steps. What then takes place is delaminating of the paint, normally starting where the sleeve that goes around the tire and the plastic meet. The standard is double stitching today but what has not been accounted for is if the material is painted, that very standard which all people talk about in features and benefits is exacerbating the problem of delaminating. It is the weakest point on the surface and that is where water attacks.

Since the Polypro™ tire cover does not use painting, but a colorized polymer, Southwind does not have this problem and it's one of the main reasons it is moving away from painted tire covers.

Polypro™ tire covers are being distributed also through authorized dealer's parts departments nationwide and come embossed and color matched to the vehicle.

Unlike others elsewhere, Southwind does not sell direct and manufactures its own products, so whether you have an fj, Hummer or anything that carries a fifth wheel and needs a tire cover, ask a local dealer about Polypro.


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