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The Isle of Light Ezine/newsletter for November, 2006 is filled with spiritual and metaphysical articles, channeled messages, mp3 links to recent interviews on The Isle of Light Internet Radio Show, upcoming events, health tips, humor and much more.

Welcome to The Isle of Light monthly newsletter which can be found at:

The Isle of Light newsletter will be e-mailed monthly, free of charge, to all who ask for it. Written contributions are also welcomed. Submissions in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of The Isle Of Light. Always use discernment when reading. All articles sent are subject to editing.

There is now a Radio & Television Show Archive page on The Isle Of Light. Older shows are being added continually so check back often. Newer shows are broadcasted 24/7 at The Isle Of Light Internet Radio Talk Show on Live365 at:

Listen to interviews broadcast on The Isle Of Light Internet Radio Show at

Stay tuned for more interviews coming soon!

There is a blog called, "Prosperity is a State of Mind" filled with tips, articles, and links on the spiritual aspects of prosperity, based on the Law of Attraction.

Read Numerological Influences for November, 2006 by Chyrene Pendleton.

The latest excerpts from "Updates by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation" provide important information on world and scientific events as humanity goes through the shift in consciousness. Sheldan Nidle is the best-selling author of several books including, "Your First Contact."

In his article, "In his recent article, "State of the Planet Address 2007" by Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, Master Kirael, gives very interesting predictions for 2007 and how different the world will be compared to 2006.

"Living Your Life With Purpose" by Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, reveals how to recognize one's life purpose and what one can expect when living live with purpose.

"Quick Manifesting Morsel" is the name of another great article by Anisa Aven, Creative Life Coach, where she reveals how one can manifest desires immediately using the Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

"The Power of Intention--The No. 1 Way to Make Your Feng Shui INSTANTLY More Successful", is another exciting article written by Kathryn Weber, publisher of The Red Lotus Letter and Master Feng Shui Consultant. She shares five excellent tips on how one can achieve goals much faster.

"Palmistry With Myrna Lou" by Myrna Lou Goldbaum, Palmist, Soul Mate Specialist, Author of 3 Palmistry books including, MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? Palm Reading for Fun and Profit. This is a very informative article which teaches one exactly how to locate and identify many areas of the palm for an accurate reading, based on Asian palmistry.

"One Minute Intuition" by Michael Neil, author, life coach and radio show host of, "You Can Have What You Want", shares a One Minute Intuition Quiz anyone can take to test and fine tune one's intuition when making a decision.

Messages from the Movies on the Metaphysical Miscellany page of this newsletter features an excellent movie review by Julia Rogers Hamrick, on, "Conversations With God", Julia Rogers Hamrick is a spiritual-growth facilitator and author of Recreating Eden.

Timothy Garth shares in his article, "Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss", herbal remedies (such as onions) men and women can easily use to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Dianne Robbins provides another enlightening excerpt, from her book, TELOS Telepathic Communication From Earth's Interior, called, "The Story of the Hollow Earth Inhabitants" .

In the Celestial Activities section of the Metaphysical Miscellany page is the current solar data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the moon phases for November and December. Saturn is in Leo through 2007.    

"Meditation Basics: Counting Breaths is Not Like Counting Sheep" is the energy exercise for this month by Mike Suzuki. He offers three tips for new and experienced meditators to get focused and have fun with it. Mike Suzuki is freelance writer and software developer who is dedicated to promoting calm, relaxation, and peace.

Suzanne (Suzy) Ward presents a message called, "Matthew's Message November 9, 2006" where one learns about the U.S. election results in a universal context, moving out of third density thinking and how love-light works.

Chief Joseph shares in another excellent message (through John Cali), the best way to protect oneself when in the presence of negative people and negative energies. Read what he has to say in, "Protecting Yourself From Negative Energies".

In the November 2006 "Message From Archangel Michael:"Message From Archangel Michael: Harmonizing the "Old Age" With the "New Age", Ronna Herman channels another important message on how to move into the higher frequencies and dimensions and stay grounded during the transformation.

"Ascension Lessons From Lady Masters" by Dhyana Markley is a series of lessons given by Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet. This one was given on November 22, 2006. Dhyana Markley is the author of "A Sacred Path to Oneness". She is also an artist and lecturer and provides an Inner Earth CD and rare Inner Earth maps (which can be found in the catalog section of The Isle Of Light).

Read about several upcoming events in the Event section of this newsletter.

On December 6th, world-renowned nutritionist and author, Ann Louise Gittleman will give another free audio seminar called, "Focus on Healthy Fats for the Holidays". Master Kirael and Kahu Fred Sterling presents Treasures From the Vault in a live webcast on December 2, 2006. Sonia Choquette presents Wake Up to Your Spirit and Connect With Your Guides in San Francisco, CA December 3, 2006 and in New York, NY December 9, 2006.

More humor is provided in the section called, In Joy and Laughter with "How Smart Is Your Right Foot?", "Thanksgiving Dinner".

Many interesting and exciting guests are interviewed on The Isle Of Light, a one-hour radio show. First-time listeners of the show can find schedule information at:

The radio and television show audio archives can be found at:

The radio shows are broadcast on Live365 24/7 at:

Many blessings and enjoy great health, prosperity, love, joy and abundance.


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