Ready to Retire? Retirement Readiness Quiz Explains Why it Takes More than Money to Live a Dream

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The Retirement Readiness Quiz, from the new book "Your Retirement, Your Way" by Alan Bernstein and John Trauth, helps anyone identify some of the areas they may need to work on in order to achieve their dream of a happy and fulfilling retirement.

"Your Retirement, Your Way: Why it Takes More Than Money to Live Your Dream," by Alan Bernstein and John Trauth (McGraw-Hill) is fast becoming one of the most popular books on retirement available. Written by a psychotherapist and a management consultant, its revolutionary retirement planning approach combines a powerful self-assessment system based on the Birkman Method®--a personality assessment system used by companies and government agencies worldwide--with sophisticated financial planning tools and step-by-step guidelines that allow readers to:

•Better understand their interests, style and motivational needs

•Define their ideal retirement environment

•Determine where they are now, financially, and where they want to be

•Map out a solid plan for realizing their dreams in the shortest time possible

Below you will find a portion of the Your Retirement, Your Way Retirement Readiness quiz --which can be taken at This simple quiz can help anyone identify some of the areas they may need to work on in order to achieve their dream of a happy and fulfilling retirement.

John Trauth and Alan Bernstein are available for interviews by phone or from New York and San Francisco.

The Retirement Readiness quiz is 20 multiple choice questions. Answer each question, unless instructed otherwise. For each question, read all the possible responses first and then choose the one response that is closest to your own situation. There is no one right answer and it is possible that you may fit into more than one category. If so, choose the one that best describes you. To obtain a score, visit the "Your Retirement, Your Way" website

1. Which of these situations is closest to your current vision of your retirement?

A. I plan to take longer vacations, but also continue to be involved in some type of professional or community activity.

B. I am dreading retirement, so I am giving it as little thought as possible.

C. I have a clear idea of my retirement lifestyle, which will be a balance of a number of activities, and I could write it down right now if you asked me to.

D. My retirement will be a perpetual vacation where I will do whatever I want to do.

E. Retirement will give me the chance to do things that I have always wanted to do but never had time for while I was working.

2. What thoughts have you given to planning your transition to retirement?

A. My transition will be relatively easy. After I leave, others will have to take over my responsibilities.

B. I have begun to think about how I will rearrange my life and transfer my responsibilities to others, but I have a lot more to do.

C. I am just counting the days until it happens.

D. I have made a specific retirement transition plan, shared it with those who matter, and gotten buy-in.

E. I have talked with my boss/associates, my spouse/life partner (if any), family and friends about my retirement transition and gotten their initial feedback.

3. What do you feel you want to accomplish in retirement?

A. I have some specific goals in retirement that I would like to pursue.

B. I have already accomplished a lot. Now I just want to kick back.

C. I want to wait and see what comes up that might interest me.

D. I have a specific plan for my retirement, with goals, objectives, strategies and timelines for accomplishment.

E. I want to explore some interests that I had when I was younger.

4. What activities associated with your profession do you plan to continue in retirement, if any?

A. I plan to volunteer in areas where I can apply my professional and/or life skills, and try to make a difference.

B. I hope to start over in an entirely new field.

C. None. I will be done with all of that. I just want to kick back.

D. I plan to continue to work, gradually scaling back and adding in other things that interest me.

E. I plan to continue to work part-time, or otherwise contribute to my profession, using the skills I have already developed.

5. How do you plan to spend your time, day-to-day, in retirement?

A. I have a general idea of how I want to spend my time, but I don't have a specific plan.

B. I have not given this much thought, and I am just going to "go with the flow."

C. I have thought about this in the abstract. The details will come later.

D. I have thought about this subject in detail and have made a plan for reorganizing my time to help me accomplish my retirement goals.

E. I have done some time management exercises to help predict how I will spend my time in retirement.

...the full quiz is available for reprint at


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