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Share Article, the world's premier online directory of education, addresses rising levels of stress and anxiety in students due to academic pressure. Whether pursuing an on-campus degree or an online education, students often get caught in a time crunch and cram for tests. The article "Does Cramming For Tests Work?", featured in the Education Advisor Section on, analyzes the reality of cramming and test preparation and offers suggestions for exam success that can help lessen test anxiety.

End of semester exams are approaching for many college students, creating less time for sleep and increased stress and anxiety. The Education Advisor section on, the world's premier online directory of education, evaluates when cramming for tests is most (and least) effective for scholarly success (

According to columnist Edward Castro, cramming is useful for memorizing data and is stored in the short-term memory. However, cramming does not build lasting connections to the studied material. Only studying and the regular reinforcement of ideas through repetition build neural connections. To ensure better grades, recommends eating a good meal, relaxing and getting a good night's sleep.

The study "Consolidation During Sleep of Perceptual Learning of Spoken Language" by Kimberly Fenn, Howard Nusbaum and Daniel Margoliash claims that sleep actually helps people remember and retain material learned throughout the day.

The National Sleep Foundation 2005 "Sleep in America" poll found that only half of adults get a good night's sleep a few nights each week. Students may be particularly vulnerable to poor sleep habits. School-related pressures trigger stress, and stress is considered the number one cause of short term sleeping difficulties.'s Education Advisor section supports the Office of Educational Research and Improvement's assertion that "organization, planning, and time management are essential for becoming a successful student." For many students, especially nontraditional students who often work 35 or more hours a week and/or are single parents, time management is a key concern. Lack of time can be a prime cause for student anxiety and the need to cram for tests.'s articles give practical advice for all types of students, including those pursuing accredited distance learning, online high school and traditional classroom educations. For nontraditional students, this advice includes improving on any skills, such as writing or math, before pursuing higher-level study ( is the world's premier online directory of education. The site features informative resources, more than 2,500 online courses, over 1,600 online degree programs, 200 online universities and 2,300 campus-based career college programs. receives thousands of visitors each day and has been featured on


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