New Service Encourages UK Residents to Get Protected Following Concerns Over Insufficient Life Insurance

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Many UK individuals discover when it's too late that their partner's life insurance cover was insufficient. They are often left with personal debt liabilities that are beyond their limits. A new service is being offered to UK residents so they can now have over one hundred quotes done online.

Far too many UK residents are complaining after the fact that their partner's life insurance cover was insufficient. They are left with debts and mortgages to cover that are beyond their limits at a time when they should be free to mourn their loss. A new internet service is being offered to residents of the UK so they can now have over a hundred quotes done at one time. Everyone is encouraged to visit the site to compare life insurance quotes and ensure their cover is currently the best available option. Don't put it off until it is too late, as so many do, and take the time to work out your liabilities and living expenses in the event of a death.

With 25% of UK residents who own homes not having sufficient cover to pay their mortgage, the public has been crying out for this service. Statistics also show that 75% of residents do not have life insurance cover that is going to pay their debt liabilities or living expenses combined. Imagine the effect this has on stay at home mothers who suddenly lose their husbands? Not only were their husbands the main income earners, but also their life partners. Having to find work, look after the children and grieve the loss is all too much for one person to have to handle and it is a common story. Anyone who hasn't recently reviewed their level of cover and policy premiums should do so as a matter of urgency.

Recently, in Exeter, a man aged forty-six lost his wife to breast cancer. It progressed very quickly and he never had time to stop and think about life insurance. They had four children together and he suddenly found himself unable to go to work because of home duties and looking after the two younger siblings. Everything seemed to landslide for him from there as the mortgage fell behind and he became increasingly depressed. His wife's life insurance had never seemed very important since she didn't work, but he had in no way considered the fact that he would have to leave work or pay for expensive day care arrangements. He now has two full time jobs to make ends meet and he does not have much time with his children. Do not let this be your story too!

There are so many insurance policies available on the market today, consumers are reporting confusion and misinformation. In the past it has been an ordeal to try to compare life insurance quotes, having to pass through countless voice recording systems and customer service operators. When you go to, you can get over one hundred life insurance quotes in minutes. Don't be surprised if you see several policies that offer more benefits at a lower price than your existing UK life insurance.

The internet address is, and any UK resident can utilise the service. It has been designed so it is very easy to use and compare the results. Initially you select whether you want a decreasing term life insurance policy or a level term life insurance policy. The decreasing policies are designed to pay you a cash sum in a lump payment to cover all your mortgage balances. If you are a family with a single mortgage the premiums will decrease over time as your debt decreases. The level policy is also known as a term insurance policy, and is usually going to cover for more than the mortgage. These policies are excellent for families who have other outstanding debts as well as child rearing expenses to consider. Many people want their life cover to provide for their loved ones to live comfortably in the event of their death, yet so many still remain under insured.

The site is available online right now. Many UK residents have been finding better rates and switching their life insurance provider because of a better quote. Never has it been so easy to review so many policies under one roof, from the comfort of your own computer. Lets hope this internet service is going to keep our UK insurance companies honest, since the information is now out in the open for consumers to compare life insurance quotes across the board.

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