RFID Made Easy; New Starter Kit Simplifies Process of Creating Applications Using RFID Systems

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A new RFID starter kit from http://www.kanda.com gives a boost to engineers who want to investigate RFID solutions in a wide range of applications. A complete hardware and software package that cuts development time and simplifies the design process.

RFID is one of the fastest growing technologies because it has so many advantages over older technologies such as bar codes and magnetic strips. So, Kanda.com has introduced a new starter kit for RFID that simplifies the process of creating applications using RFID systems.

RFID tags come in many forms from flexible labels and key fobs to contactless cards to suit the particular application. Apart from some specialist tags that need backup power, most RFID tags obtain all their power through RF induction, so they do not need batteries. The read range of the tag is mainly dependent on the power of the reader and its antenna size, but in most cases it is three to four inches. Tags all conform to ISO standards that cover a range of frequencies from 125KHz to 2.4GHz. The Kanda kit uses 13.56MHz tags that conform to ISO15693, as this is a reliable mid-range standard with both read and write capabilities.

Apart from a programmer and reader unit, the Kanda RFID kit includes an RF detector that gives an indication of the RF field strength near a reader, which helps both in development and in the siting of units. However, the most important part of the starter kit is the software package. The protocol used is very flexible to allow engineers to design their own systems to suit their needs, rather than being constrained by the limitations of the software. As well as the standard read, write and lock functions, the protocol allows for continuous read, and includes anticollision algorithms that deals with multiple tags in the reader field

Obviously, a RFID tag system that is to replace bar codes or magnetic swipe cards must be linked to new or existing software such as data bases to be effective. Therefore, this Kanda kit includes Windows API software and documentation to integrate the kit into a variety of software and database platforms.

This Kanda.com RFID starter kit is a cost-effective way of designing an RFID system for a wide range of applications from entry control and membership records to stock tracking and movement recording.

For more information, visit http://www.kanda.com/go/QB-RFIDKIT.


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